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Oct 01, 2008

Could starting a manual transmission in second gear actually be better for your car?

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a new, 2008 Nissan 350Z. I allowed a friend of mine (from Australia) to drive it to the airport yesterday, and noticed that after stopping at a red light, he would start the car in second (instead of...

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Aug 01, 2007

Today: Maya gets a few tips for learning how to drive stick.

Dear Car Talk

My mom is teaching me how to drive her 2001 Honda Accord. It has a standard transmission. Actually, all the cars in our family have standard transmissions, so I am pretty much doomed to learn how to drive (I'm nearly 16) on...

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Oct 01, 2006

Is it okay for Tim to play "standard transmission" with his automatic?

Dear Car Talk

I've always wondered: Does it hurt anything to drive my automatic transmission like a manual (i.e., put the shifter into first then bump it to second, then to drive, then push the button to shift to overdrive)? I think...

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should fifth gear be reserved for highway driving
Aug 01, 2005

Help! My husband and I can't agree on the proper use of the fifth gear.

Dear Car Talk

Whenever I am driving, my dear husband and I have an argument about fifth gear. I was taught not to use fifth gear unless I am going to be driving on a long stretch of road without traffic lights or...

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is it possible to completely ruin the clutch of a new car in the first 70 miles
May 01, 2004

New clutch after only 68 miles -- a new world record?

Dear Car Talk

Hi guys I just bought a cool new five-speed turbo VW Bug convertible I bought it last Wednesday Happy birthday to me Saturday I took my daughter out to teach her how to drive a stick After minutes of driving...

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will car mechanics eventually stop servicing manual transmissions
Sep 01, 2003

Will there still be mechanics capable of repairing clutches in the not-too-distant future?

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a five-speed ' Toyota Camry for my son It needed a new clutch so I took it to a very reputable foreign-car garage The owner made an interesting comment Almost all the cars we work on are...

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Nov 01, 2002

Do I have to downshift through every gear while making a routine stop? Only if you want a happy wife.

Dear Car Talk

I recently moved to France adventure No got married adventure No and have subsequently begun driving adventure No my wife's Renault adventure No Without getting into French driving habits my wife regularly yells at me because when I stop the...

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Mar 01, 2001

Can you replace a manual transmission with an automatic?

Dear Car Talk

My -year-old mother owns a Ford Escort station wagon with a manual shift She has developed physical problems that keep her from driving the vehicle and we want her to exchange the car for one with an automatic transmission The...

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Dec 01, 2000

Is it a good idea to follow the "upshift" light that appears on the dash?

Dear Car Talk

We recently purchased a new Jeep Wrangler with a manual transmission and four-cylinder engine The Jeep has an upshift idiot light that tells you when to shift into the next gear There is no guide about when to shift in...

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Oct 01, 2000

Does AWD perform better on an automatic versus a manual transmission?

Dear Car Talk

I've been leasing Subaru Legacy wagons for the past five years My lease is up this month and I intend to lease yet another Legacy wagon However I'm getting older and I am considering an automatic transmission instead of my...

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