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Subaru slips out of gear
Jul 11, 2013

Ann's Subaru Pops Out of Gear

Dear Car Talk

Ann's Subaru pops out of third gear but her dealer has no ideas for her. Tom and Ray have bad news for Ann. They've seen this problem before and it's not going to be cheap. Read their diagnosis right here.

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should i leave my foot off the clutch when i turn a corner in my car
Mar 11, 2013

God Save the Clutch

Dear Car Talk

Tesa has been driving stick for years but still harbors traumatic memories of learning to drive with her dad. She recently moved back to her home town and her dad thinks he's still obligated to remind her not to ride the clutch (which she wasn't doing anyway, thank you very much.) Is her dad right, or is he just being a pain in the tuchus? Find out what Tom and Ray think.

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are there still advantages to driving a car with a manual transmission
Aug 21, 2012

Today: Manual Transmission Myths Debunked

Dear Car Talk

When Nina was learning to drive, her dear old dad advised her to always buy manual transmissions. But now, Nina's tired of all that shifting. Does she have Tom and Ray's blessing to go automatic?

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Aug 01, 2012

Stick Figures: The Last Days of the Manual Transmission

Jim Motavalli

Driving a stick is becoming an endangered art in America: fewer and fewer of us even know what to do with a clutch.

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How RPMs affect fuel efficency
Dec 27, 2011

Could driving a vehicle at higher RPMs be more efficient?

Dear Car Talk

Marie and her buddy both love to drive manual transmission vehicles, but their driving styles couldn't be more different. Which one of them is getting better gas mileage?

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Why Europe drives manual cars
Oct 01, 2011

Why does everyone in Europe drive a stick shift?

Dear Car Talk

My fiancee is European and they all drive stick shifts over there When I visited I had to pay more to rent a car with an automatic It seems to be true everywhere in Europe Everybody owns a stick-shift car...

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is it bad to not press the button when shifting
Jun 01, 2010

Is Elaine's partner driving her beloved VW a tad too aggressively?

Dear Car Talk

We are Americans living in England, and have a 2000 VW Beetle automatic that I named Betty. I hope you can settle a domestic argument for us (preferably by siding with me). The VW is my "baby," and until I started...

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Nov 01, 2009

Is keeping your clutch pressed in such a bad idea? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine at work and I have a disagreement regarding using the clutch on a standard-shift car. He says that keeping the clutch pressed in will wear out the throw-out bearing, and I say it won't. For example...

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The importance of first gear
May 01, 2009

Today: why first gear matters. A lot.

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I recently bought a 5-speed Saturn VUE. Whenever she comes to a complete stop, she puts the car in second gear and takes off in second gear. When I ask her why she does that, she says...

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Nov 01, 2008

Will shifting to the highest gear as quickly as you can, save gas?

Dear Car Talk

I have a son who has "gone green." He is passionate about the environment, recycles religiously and is very focused on gas mileage. He owns a '98 Honda Civic. He shifts to the highest gear possible, as soon as possible...

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