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2016 BMW 340i
Aug 23, 2016

Rev Matching the BMW: Where's the Off Switch?

Jim Motavalli

BMWs, Porsches, GM and Nissan cars offer "improved" manual transmissions that make heel and toeing a thing of the past.

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School bus with a manual transmission
Jun 10, 2016

My First International Incident

Tim Cotton

The day I became a fan of the manual transmission is seared into my brain. It involves a worn set of Dickies, some dairy cows, and a manual shifting Bluebird bus I never drove.

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Should kids learn to drive automatic or manual
Feb 25, 2016

Should Kids Learn to Drive on a Manual or an Automatic?

Dear Car Talk

Karen learned to drive on a manual transmission and thinks it made her a better driver. But is it safer to teach kids on an automatic? Car Talk's advice, here.

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Aug 25, 2015

Take the Quiz!

Staff Blog

Can you drive a stick-shift? Would you ever date or marry someone who couldn't? Vote here.

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Aug 25, 2015

These Are All The Manual Transmission Cars Available Today


Here's a look at every single car available with a manual transmission today. We've also provided a handy guide showing the cost or savings when choosing a manual, as well as the fuel economy.

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Short second gear life span
Aug 08, 2013

Today: Second Gear is First to Fail

Dear Car Talk

Second gear seems to always give out first on a manual transmission, and Matthew wants to know why. Tom and Ray say second gets more use than any other gear. Read the rest of their explanation, right here.

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Subaru slips out of gear
Jul 11, 2013

Ann's Subaru Pops Out of Gear

Dear Car Talk

Ann's Subaru pops out of third gear but her dealer has no ideas for her. Tom and Ray have bad news for Ann. They've seen this problem before and it's not going to be cheap. Read their diagnosis right here.

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