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Help for a Gummed-Up Seat Belt Latch
Mar 27, 2018

Help for a Gummed-Up Seat Belt Latch

Dear Car Talk

Here's a sweet tip for de-gumming a sticky latch.

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Kid on a minibike.
Mar 01, 2017

Buy Your Kid a Minibike Before It’s Too Late

Staff Blog

Why your kid needs his or her own minibike, right now. Our Senior Web Lackey makes the case.


Honda ZK50 minibike
Mar 01, 2017

Other People's Minibikes

Tim Cotton

What happens when you deny a child a minibike? Tim Cotton is a living cautionary tale.


why do seat belts click in the middle of the seat and not the sides
Sep 29, 2016

Short Grandmas and Hidden Seat Belts

Dear Car Talk

Susan has a heck of a time belting in the grandkids' booster seats. Has anyone invented a better way to reach those buried fasteners?

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alternative energy buses
Sep 29, 2016

Reading, Writing and Diesel Exhaust: Jenna Bush on Cleaner School Buses

Jim Motavalli

Former First Daughter (and former teacher) Jenna Bush is advocating for propane-powered buses. The air inside a diesel bus can be eight times dirtier than the outside air.

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How to borrow a trailer
Jul 16, 2016

A Brief History of Utility Trailers

Tim Cotton

How our blogger survived the 70s' era of DIY trailers and kids riding atop the sacks of garbage on the way to the town dump. Plus, etiquette for the modern trailer borrower. 

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kids at car shows
Apr 07, 2016

Kids + Car Shows: Real Fun? Or Does Mom Make Them Come?

Guest Bloggers

This year's New York Auto Show was packed with car-crazed kids. Our blogger finds out what they came to see.

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Is it safe to wash car parts in the dishwasher
Sep 23, 2014

Is this Transmission Dishwasher-Safe?

Dear Car Talk

David wants Tom and Ray's permission to keep using the family dishwasher to clean his auto parts, but his wife and kids are crying "poison!" Is this an OK use for a home dishwasher--or will David find his major appliance privileges revoked?

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Is it dangerous to change oil and rotate tires
Jul 25, 2013

The Oil Change and the Overprotective Dad

Dear Car Talk

Joe's daughter wants to learn some car repairs and she wants her dear old dad to teach her. The problem? Joe's worried that if she gets injured, he'll feel guilty for the rest of his life. Tom and Ray offer some basic safety tips but will it be enough to set Joe's mind at ease?

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borrowing dad's car
Jun 14, 2013

Happy Impatient, Not-Stupid Fathers Day

Tom Bodett

It takes a teenager -- and his idiot buddies -- to fully exploit the mechanical weaknesses of the 1970 Bonneville Grand Safari wagon.

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