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Jul 07, 2015

Muscle Mania: Why Dodge's 707-Horsepower Hellcat Shouldn't Be Your Next Toy

Jim Motavalli

We're worshipping speed again, with automakers competing to offer outrageous supercars, and 60s' hot rods making crazy prices at auctions.

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Jul 01, 2008

How much horsepower is enough?

Dear Car Talk

I need some straightforward and honest guidance on how important torque and horsepower are for a small car. My husband recently passed away, and now I must downsize my F-150. I have done research during the past few weeks, looking...


Oct 01, 2002

Could an octane booster increase horsepower?

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine has a Corvette with the -horsepower -liter engine Lately he has been using an octane booster on top of -octane premium fuel He claims that the computer in the Vette can detect the booster and advance...

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Sep 01, 2002

Is a V-6 engine better for highway driving?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I are having a disagreement My wife does a lot of highway driving and she insists that she needs a V- engine on our new car My opinion is that a four-cylinder engine is sufficient for the...


Nov 01, 2001

Does turning off the AC give my car a horsepower boost?

Dear Car Talk

My wife insisted that I send you this question which is the source of an increasingly pointed argument that is close to breaking out into dripping sarcasm We have a Toyota Corolla and when it goes up a steep highway...

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Dec 01, 2000

What determines whether you should buy a 4-cylinder engine or a 6-cylinder?

Dear Car Talk

We are considering the purchase of a Volkswagen Passat station wagon Our question is whether the six-cylinder engine would last longer than the four-cylinder engine if driven under the same conditions We live in hilly Seattle What determines whether you...

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Apr 01, 2000

I'm considering some modifcations to my engine to get more horsepower. Good idea?

Dear Car Talk

Earlier this year I purchased a new Dodge Dakota Sport pickup with the liter V- Magnum engine and five-speed transmission I would like to make some minor modifications to the engine to increase the horsepower but I'm not sure if...

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Sep 01, 1999

Why are today's cars faster when old cars had more horsepower?

Dear Car Talk

Over the years I have enjoyed reading your column every week and have learned a few things from you about cars As an old shade-tree mechanic however I also saw you make a mistake awhile back Larry wanted to know...


Jul 01, 1999

Can anything be done to boost this Explorer's horsepower?

Dear Car Talk

Help Help I need more power I currently have a ' Ford Explorer with the liter V- engine It has less than miles on it and runs great but lacks power especially for climbing hills Should I just live with...

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Dec 01, 1998

My Taurus can barely make it over an 8-9 thousand foot mountain pass. Is it suffering from oxygen deprivation?

Dear Car Talk

Last summer my family and I loaded up the ' Taurus and went for a drive in the mountains When we got to an altitude of or feet we seemed to lose more and more power and about the only...

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