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Should I have my headlights on always
Aug 01, 2010

Headlights on during daylight hours? See what Tom and Ray say.

Dear Car Talk

I enjoy your column every week. In our cars, the headlights turn off automatically when we exit the vehicle, so there's no danger of leaving the lights on and draining the battery. So my wife and I just leave...

headlights safe driving tips

Apr 01, 2007

Today: what's the best way to let someone know their headlights are off?

Dear Car Talk

The other night just after dusk, I was driving and noticed a dark-colored car driving behind me in the same direction that didn't have its headlights on. It was actually difficult to see the car except when it passed directly...

headlights safety

Jan 01, 2007

What could cause Charles' headlight to blow... over and over and over again? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

For many years, I've enjoyed your column, with its unfailing good humor. Now I have a problem I've never seen, and my brother-in-law -- usually my Great Guru -- is stumped by it. We have a 1993 Ford Taurus wagon with...


can we get xenon lamps banned and save our eyeballs
Aug 01, 2005

Who do I call to get those overly bright headlights banned?

Dear Car Talk

I'm writing about overly bright headlights. I have been calling them halogen headlights, but I saw in another response you gave that they are technically xenon or high-intensity discharge headlights. Well, I'm writing to let you know that when a...


does leaving the headlights on in my parked car drain the battery
Jul 01, 2005

Am I draining the battery with my headlights?

Dear Car Talk

I have a '96 Ford Windstar. When I go to the convenience store in the winter, my wife and daughter usually wait in the car. Because it's cold out, I leave the heater on to keep them warm. One time...

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will my dealer buff my headlight covers for free when they get scratched and cloudy
Sep 01, 2004

Plastic covers for headlights are pricey. Here's how to fix them yourself.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Caravan and the plastic covers for the headlights are becoming cloudy from the debris salt and road dirt that get thrown up at them To me this is a safety problem and the manufacturer should have known...

headlights DIY

is there anything wrong with keeping low and high beams on at the same time
May 01, 2004

Better to install a separate set of driving lights -- as long as you're courteous of oncoming traffic.

Dear Car Talk

Hey guys I have a ' Dodge Dakota When driving at night I switch from low beams to high and if I hold the dimmer switch in and don't release it I get the effect of having both bulbs on...

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do halogen headlights cause headaches and are they bad manners
Mar 01, 2004

Please talk my girlfriend out of halogen lights!

Dear Car Talk

I need your help with an issue that's come up between my girlfriend and me She recently installed halogen headlights on her car And I hate halogen headlights HATE them I am very prone to migraines and I find that...


do xenon fog lights and headlights help with night driving
Feb 01, 2004

What's your take on "night vision" or Xenon headlights for improved nighttime visibility?

Dear Car Talk

Do you believe that xenon fog lights or headlights or Cadillac's night vision will help to solve the problem of impaired vision at night not caused by cataracts I am a senior citizen who's having difficulty with roads that are...

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should i pay to have a mechanic adjust my new headlamps
Feb 01, 2003

Can I adjust headlights myself?

Dear Car Talk

I just put new headlights in and was wondering how to adjust them My car manual tells you where the adjusting screws are but it does not tell you how far to turn them I know that I could go...

DIY headlights