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Dec 01, 1996

Is it a problem that most luxury cars haven't yet implemented front-wheel drive technology?

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I am starting to shop for a luxury automobile For the past years I have owned front-wheel-drive cars All the major luxury brands now have old rear-wheel-drive technology My understanding is that FWD is the better technology both for saving...

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Apr 01, 1991

Trucking: Is front wheel drive better?

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My question does not deal with car repair or maintenance The vast majority of new cars today are front wheel drive Why doesn't any manufacturer make a full size front wheel drive pick up truck You can buy rear wheel...

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Sep 01, 1989

Why was the idea of front wheel drive shelved from the 1920s to the 1970s?

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I ran across an interesting bit of history recently It seems that Cord made a front wheel drive car in I also found out that Mr Cord put himself in dire straits with the Securities and Exchange Commission by valuing...

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