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Jan 01, 1999

What's causing my air filter to clog up with gasoline?

Dear Car Talk

I am and have been trying to call your radio show for the past years well it seems like it and all I get is a busy signal Before I die I need an answer to the question I've been...


Jul 01, 1998

If it's not the fuel filter causing you to stall, your next best bet is the fuel pump.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Subaru wagon which has been treated nicely all of its long life It has about miles on it and has never given me any trouble until recently when it decided not to run It would start and...

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May 01, 1998

What would cause a car to run fine for a few miles, then start bucking, kicking and die?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Nissan Pulsar NX with a five-speed transmission It's in really great shape and usually runs well Recently though it has developed an annoying habit of dying a slow - to -second death complete with shivers and shakes...

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May 01, 1997

Should I bring my own Volvo oil filter with me to the quickie lube place?

Dear Car Talk

my overall knowledge of the intricacies of automobile repair is extremely deficient This has not been a problem for me though since I have an ex-boyfriend who considers himself quite the foreign-car motorhead He has owned a number of foreign...

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Feb 01, 1997

Any tips for removing horizontally mounted oil filters without creating a mess?

Dear Car Talk

I am the proud owner of two vehicles with horizontally mounted filters Both of them are Fords a big Bronco and a Escort wagon Do you have any tips for removing these oil filters without creating a mess Letting the...

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Oct 01, 1996

Moisture in the air filter housing: PCV problem, or do I need a "heat stove"?

Dear Car Talk

Monte Carlo with original miles on it The car was driven very little for short distances when driven at all it was a grandma car Overall it runs great The problem is that moisture accumulates in the air filter housing...

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Jul 01, 1996

How can I avoid a messy disaster when I change those difficult Toyota oil filters?

Dear Car Talk

In my Toyota Camry the oil filter is mounted upside down meaning that the open end of the filter is face-down to the ground This creates a tremendous problem when I go to change the filter No matter what I...

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Feb 01, 1996

Sputtering and couging while pressing the gas pedal? Check the fuel filter & pump.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Volvo with automatic transmission and miles When I give it gas to accelerate it sputters and coughs like it won't take gas If I pull over and wait for a while it seems to catch up and...

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Jan 01, 1996

How do I replace the fuel filter on my Ford F150?

Dear Car Talk

I own a ' Ford F- with the ever famous liter cylinder engine It also has the five speed manual transmission I love this truck and would not give it up for anything--especially since it's paid for The problem is...

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Mar 01, 1995

Could a small filter possibly do as good a job as a larger filter?

Dear Car Talk

Toyota has reduced the size of oil filters for my Toyota Tercel and many other models to make removal easier in small engine compartments They insist that the smaller size filters oil just as well as the previous larger size...