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Jul 01, 2007

Do you really need to change your car's oil and filter -- ever? One reader shares some very intriguing research.

Dear Car Talk

While I was attending the University of Oklahoma in 1960, a study was done by the petroleum engineering department. The question was: Is draining oil from a vehicle necessary? They worked with White Trucking Company and tested their theory on long-haul...

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May 01, 2007

Will a magnet on Ron's oil filter help keep his engine healthy?

Dear Car Talk

I recently saw a car catalog that had an oil-filter magnet for sale. The magnet was placed on the bottom of an oil filter and was strong enough to remove any metal shavings from the oil stream. Is this product...


who is responsible if the oil filter falls off the car while driving
Nov 01, 2003

How to tell if catastrophic engine failure was caused by a defective filter.

Dear Car Talk

My son was driving his Mitsubishi Eclipse on the highway when the engine failed catastrophically The oil filter blew off and oil spewed all over the highway He had it towed to the nearest dealer who insists it should not...

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can an air filter strip the thread inside my car
Sep 01, 2003

Another satisfied Skippy Lube customer! (note the sarcastic font)

Dear Car Talk

I went to a quick-oil-change shop I won't mention the company's name but I think it also makes peanut butter to get my first oil change for my brand-new Dodge Caravan After much difficulty removing the factory oil filter the...

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is it possible to keep using the same air filter if you don't drive anywhere dirty
Sep 01, 2003

There is no reason to not regularly change your air filter.

Dear Car Talk

My father has a Chrysler LeBaron with miles on it I was amazed when he told me that he has never changed the air filter on it I told him he was crazy and that it needs to be changed...

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Dec 01, 2000

Help! I stripped the threads on my fuel filter.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Tercel When removing the old fuel filter the threaded fitting that secures the fuel line to the bottom of the filter turned a couple of times and then was quite stuck I had never changed the...

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May 01, 2000

Are there any downsides to using a "remote oil filter"?

Dear Car Talk

I just purchased a new Mazda Miata Like many cars these days the oil filter is not exactly easy to get to I have seen advertised a remote oil filter It seems to be a device that screws into the...

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Sep 01, 1999

Another wicked case of blowby.

Dear Car Talk

I own an ' Mitsubishi pickup with a -liter engine My problem is a white milky fluid that gets into my air filter via the valve cover Once the air filter gets covered in this gunk the carburetor starts to...

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May 01, 1999

How do you pre-fill an oil filter that is mounted horizontally?

Dear Car Talk

I have a question about the advice you gave a few weeks ago When changing the oil you suggested filling the new oil filter with oil before putting it back on How do you keep the oil in the filter...

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Mar 01, 1999

The case for filling your new oil filter with oil before installing it.

Dear Car Talk

I was hoping you guys could help settle a bet I have with a know-it-all at work First I should tell you that this guy is an egotistical jerk and he is never wrong according to him I was telling...

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