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Electric Cars Are a Good, Lower-Maintenance Option
Dec 04, 2018

Electric Cars Are a Good, Lower-Maintenance Option

Dear Car Talk

John wants a low-maintenance runabout. Will an EV work for him?

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 Series-Hybrid Purist Searches for a Car
Jul 31, 2018

Series-Hybrid Purist Searches for a Car

Dear Car Talk

What's available now, and what's ahead?

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Formula E race car in Red Hook, Brooklyn
Jul 19, 2018

The E in Formula E Stands for "Excitement"

Jim Motavalli

OK, OK, it actually stands for "electric." It's catching on, as Formula E rounds out its fourth season with growing support and fast-paced action--even without big gas engines.

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The Bollinger B1, an electric SUV prototype
Jun 19, 2018

The Car vs. SUV War Is Over, and SUVs Won

Jim Motavalli

The aerodynamic crossover rules America, and its taking over the rest of the world too. But the basic box that started the SUV craze lives on, including in all-electric form.

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Can Solar Panels Extend an EV's Range?
May 15, 2018

Can Solar Panels Extend an EV's Range?

Dear Car Talk

Solar panels on cars are a good idea--but aren't practical yet.

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Three Chinese-built electric cars
Apr 30, 2018

Checking Out China's Electric Cars

Jim Motavalli

Kicking the tires and testing the batteries at a race track near Beijing.

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Wireless charging station for an electric BMW
Mar 01, 2018

Our Incredibly Exciting Future With Wireless Self-Driving Cars

Jim Motavalli

Coming this year and next are BMWs, Porsches and Mercedes-Benzses that can charge hands-free. It's a big step toward autonomous EVs.

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Self driving pizza delivery car
Jan 15, 2018

Detroit 2018: Trucks, Tech and Even Some New Muscle

Jim Motavalli

The 2018 North American International Auto Show shows that the march toward self-driving vehicles is unstoppable, but there are lots of fast cars and gas-guzzling SUVs along the way, not to mention new entries from China.

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In Snow, All-Wheel Drive Beats Two-Wheel Drive
Dec 19, 2017

In Snow, All-Wheel Drive Beats Two-Wheel Drive

Dear Car Talk

No matter the type of drivetrain, your chances of finding traction increase with AWD.

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Woman with electric car, ca. 1900
Dec 18, 2017

What We Can Learn From Our Colorful Electric Car History

Jim Motavalli

Everything old is new again, and EVs are once again heading for world domination. But they were already there in 1900, when they also posted an amazing number of historical firsts. 

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