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is there a safe convertible car
Sep 01, 2003

Can you recommend a convertible that is safe and sexy (emphasis on safe)?

Dear Car Talk

I'm hoping you can offer my boyfriend some insight He currently has a beautiful BMW Z which he bought after his last girlfriend dumped him He loves it But we witnessed a horrible accident last week which got him thinking...

safety convertibles buying BMW 325

are there looser safety requirements for convertible cars
Aug 01, 2003

Are convertibles unsafe?

Dear Car Talk

I have been lusting after a convertible for a number of years and recently found the car of my dreams a Saab turbo convertible It has a driver's-side air bag and anti-lock brakes However my know-it-all friend claims that all...

safety convertibles

Dec 01, 2001

How do I prevent a vinyl top from mildewing in a wet climate?

Dear Car Talk

I live in Florida and own a car with a vinyl top How do I keep the top from mildewing The car is parked outside all the time -- Arthur TOM Mildew is not a topic we're overly familiar with...

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Mar 01, 2000

What should I do to prepare my convertible for winter storage?

Dear Car Talk

My wife just bought me a ' Miata for my th birthday I really wanted a Z or a Boxster but I love her anyway We live in British Columbia Canada and I want to store the car over the...

storage convertibles

Dec 01, 1993

Cleaning a convertible's white top.

Dear Car Talk

Do you have any secret formula for getting a convertible top white Right now it is just dingy white Barbara TOM Well whenever I need to whiten-up the top on my ' Dodge Dart I just park it under the...

cleaning convertibles

Jun 01, 1992

Convertibles that part your hair for you.

Dear Car Talk

I have a rather strange question for you It's about convertibles If you find your hair parting in the back of your head does that mean carbon monoxide fumes are coming forward into the passenger compartment instead of being left...


Jan 01, 1992

The pros and cons of a convertible: Don King vs. a Ginsu knife.

Dear Car Talk

Next year I am buying a new car I have been admiring the Chrysler LeBaron for some time Also I have always wanted to own a convertible I think the LeBaron convertible is a beautiful classy car Please give me...

convertibles Chrysler LeBaron

Oct 01, 1991

$2000 worth of Saran wrap.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible On Halloween someone played a prank on me which was not appreciated My clear plastic rear convertible window was slashed The cut is about three inches long and surgically straight I have been...

convertibles windows

Jul 01, 1991

A convertible pick-up truck...is there such a gem?

Dear Car Talk

With the popularity of silly looking little pick up trucks with all kind of brightly colored things hanging off them doesn't it seem odd that nobody makes a convertible pick up truck yet Ford used to make ragtop trucks in...


Jun 01, 1991

How to clean a convertible rag top.

Dear Car Talk

I have a white Volkswagon Cabriolet with a white convertible top I've tried just about everything to get the top clean without success I've even tried the top cleaner sold by the dealer Any ideas Tami TOM It's not as...

cleaning convertibles