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School bus with a manual transmission
Jun 10, 2016

My First International Incident

Tim Cotton

The day I became a fan of the manual transmission is seared into my brain. It involves a worn set of Dickies, some dairy cows, and a manual shifting Bluebird bus I never drove.

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advice on keeping an old farm tractor from stalling
May 15, 2012

Tractor Talk? Will Needs Help With His Vintage Tractor

Dear Car Talk

Will's 1945 Farmall-A tractor stalls on hills and he wants to figure out why. Tom and Ray admit to knowing nothing about tractors, but not knowing the answer has never stopped them before! Is Will about to get subjected to some totally bogus theories, or can Tom and Ray pull it off this time?

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Divco ice cream truck advice
Aug 01, 2010

Tom and Ray help Kara with an interesting business proposition.

Dear Car Talk

I am interested in purchasing a vintage/classic ice-cream truck such as the Divco for a new, gourmet-ice-cream truck venture. I have found rusted, inoperable trucks for 2,000 dollars and restored trucks for as much as 25,000 dollars. My first question is...

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are school buses safe vehicles
Jun 01, 2003

The school bus industry takes offence at our assertion that school buses are bad for roadtrips.

Dear Car Talk

Boy am I disappointed I really enjoy you guys and I always thought you knew a lot about cars Since I know next to nothing about cars this is a leap of faith on my part But after reading your...

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what do i need to do to own a bus to drive to burning man
May 01, 2003

Any thoughts on buying a school bus to take to Burning Man?

Dear Car Talk

I along with about friends am determined to go to the Burning Man festival in Nevada this summer We would like to purchase or rent a school bus capable of making the round trip from Seattle Is this feasible Where...

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Aug 01, 1990

A tree fell on my tractor...

Dear Car Talk

I have a International Harvester tractor that I use for general farm purposes About eighteen months ago I made a miscalculation in felling a tree which landed across the middle of the tractor's hood The only damage I could see...

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