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Jan 01, 1997

You need a new mechanic to fix your carburetor problem -- one with some gray hair.

Dear Car Talk

Guys can you help a damsel in distress I've had this Chevrolet Caprice Classic running just fine for miles with only minor repairs I have a great mechanic who's scratching his head about the problem my car now has I...


Dec 01, 1996

Gasoline in the crankcase? Check the carburetor float and your fuel pump first.

Dear Car Talk

Recently I restored a Triumph TR- I installed new valves new rings new bearings and seals Twice since then I have found the fuel running out the rear seal And upon draining the crankcase I have found that it was...

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Oct 01, 1996

My Ford ranger acts up in winter conditions. Could it be "carburetor icing"?

Dear Car Talk

Ford Ranger with a problem Often in temperatures below degrees usually when there's moisture present my truck will begin to run rough It loses power like it's not running on all cylinders black smoke comes out the tailpipe and it...

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Apr 01, 1996

What could be causing gasoline to get into my oil?

Dear Car Talk

I have gas in the oil of my Olds Cutlass Is it possible that a bad distributor is causing this -- Greg RAY Is it possible that space aliens were responsible for the Iran-Contra affair Sure But it's not very...


Aug 01, 1995

No doubt about it, Clyde's Lincoln needs a new carburetor float.

Dear Car Talk

I am not a mechanic but I'm restoring a ' Lincoln Mark IV When stopping down hill on a right turn my engine often dies It doesn't seem to do it at any other times Could this be my carburetor...


Jul 01, 1995

Could my carburetor be icing up when it's cold out?

Dear Car Talk

I'm having a problem with my Honda Accord LX with a carburetor When it's very foggy or rainy and cold out I lose rpms in all gears Stopping and waiting a while helps My brother thinks the carburetor is icing...


May 01, 1995

If these GM cars are fuel injected, why do I see a carburetor on their engines?

Dear Car Talk

I'm confused about fuel injection on GM cars and trucks I've noticed that the V and Cadillac V engines are fuel injected but the V trucks are not They call them electronically fuel injected but there's still a carburetor sitting...

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Jan 01, 1994

A few days ago I was driving home in rush-hour...

Dear Car Talk

A few days ago I was driving home in rush-hour traffic heading down into a nearby canyon when my previously reliable Olds Delta suddenly roared and the engine started racing It speeded off on its own free will carrying me...

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Nov 01, 1993

Newly rebuilt engine is leaking more oil than ever.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Dodge half-ton pick up with a cubic inch engine that has served me well for miles This past summer it started using oil in town one quart every - miles so I had the engine rebuilt supposedly...

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Mar 01, 1993

Making lemonade out of a lemon.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a real troubled man I have a lemon and an angry wife I just bought a used ' Dodge Caravan liter with automatic transmission for my wife and twin boys My wife noticed that the engine often stalls in...

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