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Jun 01, 1998

Pointing your mechanic in the right direction to address those noisy brakes.

Dear Car Talk

Help My husband is driving a Honda Accord that has about miles on it Recently we've noticed a loud screeching noise coming from the front right tire when he depresses the brake pedal anticipating your advice we checked for small...

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Jul 01, 1997

Do I have to get my disc brakes machined every time the pads are replaced?

Dear Car Talk

My question concerns disc brakes Every time my local brake shop replaces my brake pads they always insist upon machining refinishing the discs After a few pad replacements the discs are then too thin to be machined and I have...

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Jul 01, 1997

The owner of a brake shop is hot under the collar after Tom & Ray recommend using factory brake pads on a Nissan.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Porsche and a subscription to my newspaper It's the newspaper I'm having trouble with Judy wrote to you a while back with squealing brakes on her Nissan ZX She had just had Wagner pads put in and...

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Dec 01, 1996

Is it true that new federal regulations prohibit asbestos brake pads from being sold?

Dear Car Talk

My dealer tells me that the reason I have to get brakes on my Nissan Stanza about every six months is because of new federal regulations which prohibit the use of asbestos brakes which used to last longer Is this...

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Nov 01, 1996

New brake pads every 10k miles...what gives?

Dear Car Talk

My Nissan Sentra required replacement of the front brake pads at miles and again at This seems to indicate some sort of mechanical problem since this car is driven solely by my daughter and I know she does not ride...

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Feb 01, 1994

I have a clicking noise coming from the right rear...

Dear Car Talk

I have a clicking noise coming from the right rear wheel of my Datsun SX This noise comes and goes but it keeps getting worse and worse The noise always stops when I apply the brake My mechanic and Midas...

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