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why is oil building up in the case that holds the air filter of my car
Oct 01, 2004

Blowby: the beginning of the end for this engine.

Dear Car Talk

My wife drives a Ford Escort About every six weeks or so I have to replace the air filter because oil builds up in the box that holds the air filter No mechanic to date has been able to solve...

engines blowby

Aug 01, 2002

A wicked case of blowby.

Dear Car Talk

My ' Ford F is spouting oil out of the dipstick and the oil is then running down the arm of the dipstick and burning on the top of the engine A mechanic told me it's due to the age...


Sep 01, 1999

Another wicked case of blowby.

Dear Car Talk

I own an ' Mitsubishi pickup with a -liter engine My problem is a white milky fluid that gets into my air filter via the valve cover Once the air filter gets covered in this gunk the carburetor starts to...

filters engines blowby

Aug 01, 1993

Oil in an air filter? That's your cue to get a new car.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Honda Civic Why does my air filter have oil in it James RAY Have you seen those new toothbrushes that tell you when it's time to buy a new one There's a blue line on the bristles...

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Apr 01, 1991

What is excessive "blowby"?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford F- with the five liter engine The filter inside the air cleaner becomes saturated with oil every two to three weeks Why What can I do about it Bob RAY Gee Bob that doesn't sound good...

filters engines blowby