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Can you keep an engine warm with a blanket
Mar 01, 2010

Does "tucking your car in" at night do any good?

Dear Car Talk

I need your help! My significant other has been placing a blanket over her engine for years now. During spells of extreme Minnesota winter weather, she'll go out and throw the blanket over the engine and close the hood. She's...

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When to use a block heater
Jan 01, 2010

Is a block heater a must-have in extremely cold climates?

Dear Car Talk

I live in interior Alaska, and it gets cold. How cold, you ask? It's been -40 F (that's negative 40) for the past week or so. My husband and I go back and forth as to whether to keep the car's...

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Feb 01, 2009

Find out if a block heater might help your car.

Dear Car Talk

Help! I have an '04 Chevy Trailblazer, and I live in the far north of Canada. It's minus 24 degrees as I write this. Can you tell me what the benefit is, to my engine, of using a block heater?...

winter block heaters

Jul 01, 1997

My diesel engine won't start anymore when the temperature drops. What are my options?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mercedes D with miles In the warm months I have no problem starting this car But for the past couple of winters it struggled to start when the temperature fell to around F and refused to start...

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Jun 01, 1997

Would you recommend getting a block heater to improve passenger compartment heating in Colorado?

Dear Car Talk

I have an early Ford Explorer or I can't remember I live in Colorado where you can see purple mountains' majesty in the color of one's exposed skin on a brisk zero-degree day I would like to put an engine...

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Nov 01, 1994

In your columns on the vices virtues of allowing a...

Dear Car Talk

In your columns on the vices virtues of allowing a car to warm up on a cold morning I don't recall you discussing the use of an engine pre-heater With the cold winters where I live in Montana many cars...

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