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Feb 01, 2000

What could cause my Geo to blow three alternators in 13 months?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Geo Prizm LSi with air conditioning I have put in three alternators in the past months Is there anything you know of that would cause them to keep blowing -- Steve RAY There are two things I...

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Jul 01, 1999

Are rebuilt alternators just as good as manufacturer supplied alternators?

Dear Car Talk

I have a white ' Toyota Corolla which I purchased used in When I bought it there were miles on the odometer Less than six months later it needed a new alternator I took it to my favorite mechanics not...

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Apr 01, 1999

The AC goes out when I drive through puddles.

Dear Car Talk

I bought a used four-cylinder Toyota Camry The air conditioner goes out whenever I drive through a not-too-deep water puddle I asked the service manager about it and he said it's a safety precaution My owner's manual states that when...

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Oct 01, 1998

The power steering dies every time we drive through a puddle.

Dear Car Talk

Whenever we drive through a downpour and hit a big puddle the power steering on our Chrysler Town and Country dies After a few moments it's restored What's going on We figured there must be some electrical connection that's shorting...


Apr 01, 1998

Does getting oil on my timing belt mean it has to be changed?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Honda Accord with miles on it Last week when it was in for a valve adjustment it was discovered that the cam shaft oil seal was leaking Oil has gotten all over the timing belt The mechanic...

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Feb 01, 1998

If your belt failed because of a faulty tensioner, your Saturn dealer may cover it.

Dear Car Talk

In a recent column you mentioned the infamous GM Quad engine in a Buick Skylark and said the tensioner has been redesigned several times in an effort to try to keep it from breaking At miles I had to replace...


Jan 01, 1998

How can I quiet down my old junker that runs great but screeches like a banshee?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mercury Grand Marquis and it has been a great car It rides beautifully and I've had no trouble with it But it SOUNDS like a junker The fan belt wheezes screeches and screams When I spray it...

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Oct 01, 1997

Isn't 22k miles a little early for a serpentine belt to wear out?

Dear Car Talk

Recently I took my Buick Century to a local dealer for servicing prior to starting on a road trip The odometer reading was slightly over miles and at the time I had had the car months I was shocked when...


Feb 01, 1996

Splash guards for wet, squeaky belts.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Ford F- XLT Lariat with a V motor I've talked to other Ford owners and we all have the same problem It seems that whenever it rains or the underside of the motor gets wet the belts...


Aug 01, 1995

WD-40 to fix squeaky belts? Bad idea.

Dear Car Talk

I am the owner of a Mercury Grand Marquis Recently I had all new belts installed at miles because I plan to keep the car a while longer Within a few days the belts began squealing unmercifully We returned to...

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