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Sep 01, 1998

My Bronco is still pulling to the side, even after $300 worht of alignment and bushings.

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a Ford Bronco II It has a fairly bad pulling problem It's been pulling to the right since I've had it When I took it to the shop they replaced the two front bushings which connect the...

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May 01, 1991

Buying from your ex is a bad idea.

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a used ' Toyota Camry from my ex-husband After having the wheels aligned I noticed that the steering wheel was not straight--that is the steering wheel is turned a few inches to the right when the wheels...


Jan 01, 1991

Hi, Hai, you need new shocks.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Nissan Maxima that has miles and four original shock absorbers Recently I took the car to a tire shop to replace the two front tires which were badly and unevenly worn The mechanic strongly suggested that I...

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Mar 01, 1990

What causes wear on the idler arms?

Dear Car Talk

I keep noticing that my tires are wearing on the outside edge of the tread I felt it was a matter of keeping the front end in alignment However at the Sears Auto Center I am being told that the...