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Nov 01, 1997

Are the majority of airbag related deaths caused by not wearing a seatbelt?

Dear Car Talk

I keep reading that air bags are dangerous and are responsible for a number of deaths especially in children and short people Since of course air bags are supposed to be used together with seat belts I wonder if any...

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Aug 01, 1997

Will thumping away on the steering wheel with my drumsticks cause the airbag to deploy?

Dear Car Talk

Being a musical kind of guy I often pass the time at long lights by drumming on the steering wheel of my Mercedes C- with a pair of drumsticks I keep in the driver's door pocket Incredibly my -year-old daughter...


Apr 01, 1997

How can I protect myself from my own airbag when I'm only 5 feet tall and must sit close to the steering wheel?

Dear Car Talk

have here is not a trivial lava lamp type question but a serious life or death kind of problem I'm a little surprised you haven't addressed this one yet Nearly a year ago my stalled VW Cabriolet got creamed from...

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Aug 01, 1996

Is it safe to smoke a pipe in an airbag equipped car?

Dear Car Talk

Is there any inherent danger in pipe smoking and driving a car with air bags Could a person survive the accident yet receive serious injury from having the pipe jammed down his throat -- Richard TOM Absolutely If you happen...

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Aug 01, 1994

Will airbags work even if the ignition is off?

Dear Car Talk

Does the ignition key have to be on to make the air bags work Or will they work even if the ignition is off I would think the latter is the case so that if one had motor trouble and...


Apr 01, 1993

Wearing sunglasses while driving in a car with airbags?

Dear Car Talk

My husband recently bought his first car with a driver's side airbag Since then he hesitates to wear his sunglasses while driving If the airbag inflates he does not want to receive a serious eye injury because of the metal...

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Mar 01, 1993

Why didn't we recommend the Chevy Lumina to Brenda? Safety concerns, that's why.

Dear Car Talk

My questions is WHAT HAPPENED As a loyal reader I was cruising your column looking for solutions to all my relatives' car problems In the question from Brenda who was looking for a new car I thought I knew which...

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Mar 01, 1993

Will my airbag and seatbelt work if I'm hit while sitting in a parking lot?

Dear Car Talk

I love your column and I have two questions If you're sitting in the drivers seat in a parking lot with the engine off and you're hit head on will the airbag activate How can I check my seat belt...

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Aug 01, 1991

It's taken Ford a long time to catch up.

Dear Car Talk

You really blew it in a recent column in which you talked about cars that have both driver and passenger side air bags You neglected to mention the Lincoln Town Car I have a Town Car with driver and passenger...

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Jul 01, 1991

Air bags alone aren't good enough.

Dear Car Talk

In one of your recent columns you discussed the subject of air bags and I though your comments were very accurate and the sort of thing the motoring public needs to hear However I wish you had emphasized even more...

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