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Nov 01, 1998

A cloud of white smoke blasts through the vents when I turn the AC on.

Dear Car Talk

I park every day feet from where Bill Gates parks his Lexus I enjoy having my beat-up little Pontiac parked wheel-to-wheel with those foreign luxury millionaire non-previously-owned vehicles Lately I've noticed a noxious odor coming through the air vents to...

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Jul 01, 1998

Could adding AC to a used car be a DIY project?

Dear Car Talk

My relationship with my ' Mercury Tracer is in trouble We've been together through many winters in Alaska but now that we are living in Southern California the bloom is off the rose You see the car has no air...

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Apr 01, 1998

True or false: It's possible to blow up your battery by starting your car with the AC on.

Dear Car Talk

I think Disney may make a movie about me Honey I Blew Up the Car I ran a -mile errand with the company car a ' Escort wagon with automatic transmission It was a hot day and I had the...

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Jan 01, 1998

Dry ice is NOT a good way to cool your car's interior during an Arizona summer.

Dear Car Talk

I live in Phoenix where the temperature runs as high as degrees in the summer Inside the car the temperature is much higher And even though I have air conditioning it is unbearably hot when first getting into the car...

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May 01, 1997

When I turn on the AC it makes my Volvo smell like a litter box.

Dear Car Talk

My car is a ' Volvo When I first turn on the air conditioner it gives off an odor which makes me think the car is harboring a well-used cat-litter box This odor stink is more descriptive goes away after...

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Mar 01, 1997

Does my husband have to slow down to below 40 mph before flipping on the AC?

Dear Car Talk

It seems there are two schools of thought mine and my husband's on when the air conditioner can be turned on with the engine running I say it can be turned on at any speed He says you need to...

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Nov 01, 1996

Kiddo wants folks to fix AC before their family road trip...but he doesn't have to pay for it.

Dear Car Talk

radio show every week and read your column even though I'm only We have a Plymouth Grand Voyager with miles on it Our poor air conditioner died last summer Here's the problem We're going on a three-week camping trip next...

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Sep 01, 1996

Does running the AC use more gasoline?

Dear Car Talk

Is it true that one uses more gasoline while running the air conditioner in the car I have a friend who insists on driving with the windows open in order to save on gasoline usage Isn't it a health hazard...

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Aug 01, 1996

Should I turn off the AC before turning off the engine?

Dear Car Talk

We've just purchased a new Ford Ranger pickup The salesman told us the air conditioner should be turned off before turning off the ignition when we park the pickup He said something about it making the O-rings last longer We...

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Jun 01, 1996

Is AC installed after-market at the dealer as good as factory installed AC?

Dear Car Talk

I am considering a new Honda Civic I need air conditioning and I'm wondering if factory-installed air works better than a c installed at the dealer -- Kelly RAY Almost all cars are set up for factory air conditioning these...

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