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can I install a portable air conditioner in my car instead of fixing the built-in one
Sep 01, 2003

Could an aftermarket air conditioner replace the broken AC in my car?

Dear Car Talk

A few summers ago the air conditioner on my Dodge Caravan went out The cost to fix the unit from two different sources is to The car is not worth that much so I have not fixed it Last week...

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if i turn my air conditioner knob to less cold does it work to heat up the air
Jan 01, 2003

How does my car "warm up" cold air-conditioned air?

Dear Car Talk

Here is a question that I'm sure the dealer will not have a correct answer for When I run my car's air conditioner Toyota Corolla the air is too cold I've been instructed to turn the temperature dial to a...

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Sep 01, 2002

Aftermarket air conditioners?

Dear Car Talk

Recently on a hot muggy day as I was driving my mom around on errands she noticed that the car she and my dad got me an ' base-model Nissan Sentra doesn't have air conditioning She suggested I look into...

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Nov 01, 2001

Does turning off the AC give my car a horsepower boost?

Dear Car Talk

My wife insisted that I send you this question which is the source of an increasingly pointed argument that is close to breaking out into dripping sarcasm We have a Toyota Corolla and when it goes up a steep highway...

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Apr 01, 2000

Which is a more effective defroster: recirculated air or fresh air?

Dear Car Talk

As soon as winter arrived my sweet wife and I started our yearly battle over running the defroster Do you recirculate the air within the car or allow that fresh freezing outside air to come in She claims the outside...

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Jul 01, 1999

Will this retro air conditioning kit work?

Dear Car Talk

My local friendly discount auto parts store has been sending out flyers saying that they have R- a air conditioning retrofit kits The flyer says it includes all fittings and the full amount of R- a oil and refrigerant needed...

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Jun 01, 1999

Is it worth blowing the AC on our cold cuts and frozen foods from the grocery store?

Dear Car Talk

We live in Florida about miles from our grocery store When we buy cold cuts or frozen foods we go directly home because of the -degree heat My wife seems to think that putting all of this stuff in the...

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Apr 01, 1999

The AC goes out when I drive through puddles.

Dear Car Talk

I bought a used four-cylinder Toyota Camry The air conditioner goes out whenever I drive through a not-too-deep water puddle I asked the service manager about it and he said it's a safety precaution My owner's manual states that when...

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Feb 01, 1999

Using the AC in winter to keep internal parts lubricated?

Dear Car Talk

I've heard that one should periodically turn on one's air conditioner even in the winter to keep the internal parts lubricated Do you agree with this recommendation And how periodically are we talking about -- David RAY Yes I think...

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Jan 01, 1999

Is idling the engine with the AC on hurting my 150k mile Corolla?

Dear Car Talk

My husband is retired And since we enjoy each other's company very much he always goes to the grocery store with me While I shop he stays in the car reading books The problem is in the summer In order...

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