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Apr 01, 2000

I'm considering some modifcations to my engine to get more horsepower. Good idea?

Dear Car Talk

Earlier this year I purchased a new Dodge Dakota Sport pickup with the liter V- Magnum engine and five-speed transmission I would like to make some minor modifications to the engine to increase the horsepower but I'm not sure if...

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Apr 01, 2000

Is it possible to install one of those old foot-operated dimmer switches in a modern car?

Dear Car Talk

I got my first driver's license in New York City in so I've been driving for a while In those years cars were heavy and primitive but they all had one feature in common that I miss a foot-operated dimmer...

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Dec 01, 1999

Does that magnetic fuel saving device really work?

Dear Car Talk

I was wondering if you could offer some advice on what I think is a bogus fuel- saving device Basically it's a magnet that you strap to your fuel line so the fuel passes the magnet before it goes into...

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Jul 01, 1999

Can anything be done to boost this Explorer's horsepower?

Dear Car Talk

Help Help I need more power I currently have a ' Ford Explorer with the liter V- engine It has less than miles on it and runs great but lacks power especially for climbing hills Should I just live with...

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Jul 01, 1999

Will this retro air conditioning kit work?

Dear Car Talk

My local friendly discount auto parts store has been sending out flyers saying that they have R- a air conditioning retrofit kits The flyer says it includes all fittings and the full amount of R- a oil and refrigerant needed...

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Oct 01, 1998

Can a PROM chip help boost horsepower in my slightly gutless Explorer?

Dear Car Talk

I am the proud owner of a Ford Expedition Although I know you guys think it's too big and a gas guzzler I like it The only problem is that I wish I had gotten the liter engine instead of...

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Jul 01, 1998

Could adding AC to a used car be a DIY project?

Dear Car Talk

My relationship with my ' Mercury Tracer is in trouble We've been together through many winters in Alaska but now that we are living in Southern California the bloom is off the rose You see the car has no air...

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Feb 01, 1998

Where can I get a plow to put on the front of my Explorer?

Dear Car Talk

I am a Southern California native who moved to L A lower Alabama in my teens I never really experienced winter weather until I married and moved to Maryland I'm living somewhere between Baltimore and the District but I can't...

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Jul 01, 1997

The owner of a brake shop is hot under the collar after Tom & Ray recommend using factory brake pads on a Nissan.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Porsche and a subscription to my newspaper It's the newspaper I'm having trouble with Judy wrote to you a while back with squealing brakes on her Nissan ZX She had just had Wagner pads put in and...

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Jun 01, 1997

Are original factory parts better than dealer or auto store replacement parts?

Dear Car Talk

Are original factory parts better than dealer or auto store replacement parts -- Vince TOM Such an elegant simple short question It's too bad there isn't an equally elegant short answer to it RAY We can start by saying that...

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