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Jun 01, 1992

What is Fahrvergnugen?

Dear Car Talk

What is Fahrvergnugen No one we know has any idea including one who speaks German We're beginning to think it's a made-up word and doesn't mean anything Debbie RAY Farhvergnugen is the slogan Volkswagen started using in its advertisements a...

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Mar 01, 1991

"Classic" car for sale

Dear Car Talk

Is there a paper published for advertising classic and antique cars I have a Pontiac Tempest in excellent condition that I would like to sell Dorothy RAY Well Dorothy the trick to selling a classic car is finding some screwball...

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Feb 01, 1991

A psychological and sociological question!

Dear Car Talk

Since you occasionally tackle the psychological and sociological issues related to car ownership I thought you might like to consider this one Why do car buyers allow the dealers to affix their dealership name to the car They wouldn't put...

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Jan 01, 1990

Do car companies pay for car names?

Dear Car Talk

Car companies are constantly coming up with names like Pinto Taurus Mustang etc Do they pay for new names Who would I write to Joe RAY You've got a name that you want to sell huh Unfortunately you can't protect...

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Jan 01, 1989

Brand New Car Talk-Issued Car Ads

Dear Car Talk

We've been watching a lot of silly car advertisements lately and we've decided that the slogans are not what they should be...so we've made our own!

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