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Uses for an ice resurfacer
Jul 03, 2014

And the Winner Is . . .

Staff Blog

We asked you to tell us what you'd do if someone gave you an ice resurfacer. And boy did you have suggestions! Wait until you see the winning idea!

Vehicle Donation Program

street legal Zamboni machine
Jun 22, 2014

We Got an Ice Resurfacer!

Staff Blog

Why on earth would somebody give Car Talk a perfectly good ice resurfacer? And what should we do with it now that we’ve got it?

Vehicle Donation Program

Feb 06, 2012

Why Would You Give Away a Perfectly Good Car?

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Shameless Self-Promotion Alert: Why do people use our Vehicle Donation Program?

Vehicle Donation Program

Oct 01, 1995

What can I do with a car that isn't fit to sell?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Buick with a dead battery that didn't run very well even when the battery wasn't dead I have to admit it's not worth much of anything so I don't feel right selling it to anybody Other...

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