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can using an additive keep my head gasket from blowing
Oct 01, 2010

Should you wait until your car overheats to fix a blown head gasket?

Dear Car Talk

I have a 2002 Subaru Forrester. Upon my monthly check of fluids, I was shocked to see that there was no cooling fluid in the reservoir. I immediately took it to the shop, where they told me the head gasket was...

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Subaru shakes on left turn
Apr 01, 2010

Piper's Subaru shakes like mad on left turns. Can Tom and Ray help?

Dear Car Talk

I have a manual-transmission 2000 Subaru Forester with 126,000 miles that I've had since it had 12 miles on it. I also have a 1-month-old baby. As a new mom, my car has me a little worried. During the past year, it has...

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how can i tell if all the repairs my mechanic suggested are necessary
Jan 01, 2005

How many of the repairs recommended for this 63,000 mile Suburu are really necessary?

Dear Car Talk

At my last oil-and-filter change the service department at the local Subaru dealer did the free -point inspection and came back with the following diagnosis Replace valve cover gkt Rear oil seal Frt cam seal Lft frt axle I've reported...

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is vehicle dynamic control worth the extra cost in a subaru outback wagon
Jan 01, 2005

Is a "dynamic stability control" system worth the money?

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I recently moved from Connecticut to Colorado and are considering buying a new car We have a BMW i which I have loved but because we are now in a place with a lot more snow and...

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which SUV has the most head room
Mar 01, 2004

Suburu scores high on headroom, but low on environmental ethics. Read on.

Dear Car Talk

On your show a few weeks ago I heard a guy explaining why he needed a huge Chevy Tahoe After hearing his needs you recommended a Subaru Forester to him and he seemed to imply that the Tahoe has more...

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recommendations for a van for a veterinarian
Sep 01, 2003

Recommendations for an SUV/van that could be a "vet-mobile"...and my personal vehicle to boot?

Dear Car Talk

I'm looking for a vehicle to be my vet-mobile I'm a mobile veterinarian and am looking for a used SUV minivan with four-wheel drive that's durable for horrible nasty roads lots of snow and llama spit I have a fiberglass...

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Oct 01, 2000

Does AWD perform better on an automatic versus a manual transmission?

Dear Car Talk

I've been leasing Subaru Legacy wagons for the past five years My lease is up this month and I intend to lease yet another Legacy wagon However I'm getting older and I am considering an automatic transmission instead of my...

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Dec 01, 1995

99% chance that your Suburu's "Check Engine Light" is on because of a bad solenoid.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Subaru GL station wagon with miles There is not a dealer around and local mechanics can't answer this question After about minutes of operation the ECS light comes on I assume this indicates a scheduled adjustment or...

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Aug 01, 1995

Tell me it's not normal for a Suburu clutch to wear out every 26k miles!

Dear Car Talk

The clutch had to be replaced on our Subaru Legacy Wagon at miles My husband and I each have more than years of experience driving with a clutch and our other three cars had original clutches at over miles The...

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Nov 01, 1989

In our humble opinion...

Dear Car Talk

chores really start to pile up my brother and I start looking for things to do Luckily we can always use the excuse that we have to test some new cars So while our wives were out raking the leaves...

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