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Tom and Ray working.
Jan 02, 2018

Want Ray's Help? Ask Car Talk a Question!

Staff Blog

Got a car problem? Want Ray's help? Send your question to our newspaper column, right here!

Ray mail bag

what makes the cut for the car talk automotive stamp collection
Jul 19, 2016

The Stamps You Really Want

Dear Car Talk

These stamps might never be canceled by a U.S. postal worker, but the featured cars should've been canceled by their manufacturers


City street in Havana, Cuba
Jul 15, 2016

Kornbluh Talks: Stuck in Cuba with Car Talk

Staff Blog

Peter Kornbluh tells us what it was really like to chaperone the Car Talk team through Havana. Plus advice for anyone planning a trip to Cuba to see the cars. 

Ray classic cars

Henry turns ten
Jul 30, 2015

Henry Is 10!

Staff Blog

Help support Car Talk's team in the Pan Mass Challenge - and help kids like Henry!

Ray Tom

Nov 16, 2012

Flashback: Tom and Ray's First Garage

Staff Blog

In the beginning, long before Car Talk, there was Hacker's Haven, Tom and Ray's DIY garage. Join us for a peek into those early days.

bios Our Fair City Tom Ray

Oct 09, 2012

The Big Mistake: Or, Who Let Those Clowns on NPR, Anyway?

Staff Blog

This week, we get to the bottom of "The Big Mistake" -- the first episode of Car Talk. Find out how Tom and Ray got on the air, what happened during that first show and more, all right here.

our lousy show Tom Ray

Sep 27, 2012

A Quarter Century of Sloth, Ignominy and Bad Car Advice

Staff Blog

Car Talk's been denigrating the good name of NPR for 25 years, this month. How'd such a grevious error come to pass? Join us for this flashback!

our lousy show bios Tom Ray

Sep 07, 2012

Our Worst Cars Ever

Staff Blog

It's a rusty race to the bottom of the heap! Tom and Ray swap stories about their worst cars ever.

awards Tom Ray

Jun 08, 2012

Time to Get Even Lazier

Staff Blog

An actual semi-serious note from Click and Clack to their listeners.

our lousy show Tom Ray

Feb 27, 2012

Extra: Shocking Photos of Ray . . .

Staff Blog

An intrepid photogropher caught Ray, wrench-in-hand, actually working! Check it out, with more shocking photos of Ray getting his hands dirty, right here.