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Plymouth Satellite
Oct 24, 2016

The Patron Saint of Mopar

Tim Cotton

Tim Cotton earned the money to buy his first car mopping floors in the hospital morgue. What's your first car story? 

buying Plymouth

Feb 01, 2008

Is nostalgia enough of a reason for Mel to go shopping for a Plymouth Arrow Coupe for his kid's 16th birthday?

Dear Car Talk

For no other reason than nostalgia, and the fact that it's the only car I know how to work on (because it broke down on me so many times when I owned one), I am looking for a Plymouth Arrow Coupe for my kid's...


Jul 01, 1999

Can I enlarge my Voyager's seating capacity with a "new" seat from the junkyard?

Dear Car Talk

My family has just been enlarged by three boys under the age of Grandma got custody My question is is it possible to enlarge the seating capacity of my ' Plymouth Voyager from a five-passenger van to a seven-passenger We...

seats junkyards Plymouth Voyager

Jun 01, 1996

An unconventional fix for a well known issue with the factory sealed choke of Plymouth Voyager minivans.

Dear Car Talk

We own a Plymouth Voyager minivan and have been extremely happy with it except for the cold start system When the engine and weather are cold the exhaust is a deep black color We were told this is a common...

repairs chokes Plymouth Voyager

Feb 01, 1991

How a carburetor is supposed to work

Dear Car Talk

I have a Plymouth Voyager with the liter Mitsubishi engine The car has miles on it and is in very good condition It runs great and fulfills my needs perfectly There is one annoying feature that I would like to...

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