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should i worry that my passat will die if i drive through a puddle
Nov 01, 2006

Today: The high cost of the Passat's sleek design.

Dear Car Talk

You have undoubtedly noticed that some parts of the country got a lot of rain this past summer. Often the result is large (sometimes deep) puddles, or flooding of entire sections of highway. Being the owner of a 2004 Passat, I...

Volkswagen Passat

will holding the steering wheel in the at lock position really damage it
Oct 01, 2003

Will holding the wheel at "lock" damage the power steering on my new VW Passat?

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a VW Passat and actually read the owner's manual I'm curious about its comments on power steering The manual claims that holding the steering wheel at lock for more than seconds could damage the power-steering unit I...

steering Volkswagen Passat

Aug 01, 2000

I'm in the market for a new car and I...

Dear Car Talk

I'm in the market for a new car and I really like the six-cylinder all-wheel-drive Volkswagen Passat that I test drove However I see from Consumer Reports that the Passat has had troublesome ignition and electrical system problems over the...

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