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Apr 01, 1998

Timing belt maintenance isn't included in your Stanza's owner's manual...but you should still change it.

Dear Car Talk

I have an ' Nissan Stanza with about miles on it It has been a wonderful car and I've taken good care of it Recently I went in for new tires and the Goodyear store took me for a ride...

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Aug 01, 1995

Any recommendations for an SUV in 1995?

Dear Car Talk

My question concerns buying a sport utility vehicle I am enamored with the way the Jeep Grand Cherokee looks but I've heard some disaster stories about its performance Consumer Reports does not recommend it My next choices are the Isuzu...

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Apr 01, 1992

Which truck would you buy?

Dear Car Talk

If you had to buy an extended cab four wheel drive pick up truck which would you choose from this list Toyota Nissan Chevy S- Dodge Dakota Ford Ranger My main concerns are quality price handling and looks Paulo RAY...

buying trucks Chevrolet S-10 Dodge Dakota Ford Ranger Nissan Toyota 1992

Aug 01, 1990

"Go forth, my son, buyeth yourself a used Nissan."

Dear Car Talk

I am looking for a used X pickup I'd like to get a - with a V- and extended cab I like the styling of the Nissan Are they good reliable trucks Edward RAY I can tell already that this...

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