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Changing to Synthetic Oil Is Slick and Easy
Oct 18, 2018

Changing to Synthetic Oil Is Slick and Easy

Dear Car Talk

A switch to synthetic oil should be a seamless transition.

oil oil changes maintenance Lexus ES 300 2006

Don't Stall on Fixing Sticky Valve
May 03, 2018

Don't Stall on Fixing Sticky Valve

Dear Car Talk

You might need this valve to get out of someone's way.

sensors idling Lexus ES 300 1998

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios
Mar 06, 2018

Cut To The Chase: Marvel's Black Panther

J.C. Howard

Why the Black Panther chase scene is one of the best car chases of all time!


This Lexus Would Rather Speed up at a Stop
Oct 24, 2017

This Lexus Would Rather Speed up at a Stop

Dear Car Talk

What could be causing acceleration before stopping? Ray says there are three possibilities.

brakes transmissions Lexus GX 460 2010

How to Evaluate a Used Car
Jul 13, 2017

How to Evaluate a Used Car

Dear Car Talk

Spending a little money up front might make that first car purchase a good one.

buying Lexus IS 300 2004

Jan 19, 2017

Avoiding the Wheel of Misfortune

Dear Car Talk

Larger wheels have both advantages and disadvantages. Here's how to make a decision on a lower profile wheel and tire combo.

wheels tires Lexus ES 350

Jan 05, 2017

Is Higher Octane Gas "Better"?

Dear Car Talk

Dee's car requires 87 octane gas according to the manufacturer. Here's why she may be wasting money filling it with premium.

gasoline Lexus ES 350 2015

What is a misfiring cylinder
Sep 29, 2015

Josh's Engine is Misfiring and He's Got Questions.

Dear Car Talk

Boy does he have questions. What does it mean that cylinders are misfiring? And what is bank 1? And why is the check engine light flashing?Car Talk explains, right here.

check engine light Lexus ES 300 2002

Lexus ES300 smells of gas when idling
Sep 17, 2015

What's Causing Gas Smell at Stoplights?

Dear Car Talk

Dan's car is running just fine, but he's been noticing the smell of gasoline when idling at stoplights. The mechanic hasn't been able to replicate the problem. Car Talk's advice for detecting the source of the leak, right here.

gasoline smells Lexus ES 300 2000