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should i buy a discontinued honda element
May 29, 2012

Today: What's the Resale Value of Discontinued Cars?

Dear Car Talk

Kaelin wants to buy a Honda Element, but is worried that it will be hard to resell since Honda discontinued the model. Tom and Ray think the Element is the perfect choice for her. Can they convince her to stop treating this car like an investment?

buying used cars Honda Element

2012 Honda Civic
Oct 13, 2011

Still Fond of Honda, But Someone Please Call the Bullpen

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Man, Honda has had a tough year. The Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami limited production and choked supply of its redesigned Civic, just when the company needed a hit new model. And then, adding insult to all that earthquake injury, the new Civic finally arrived only to be met by an extraordinarily lukewarm reception.

Honda Civic Sdn 2012

Aug 24, 2011

Making Hondas (and Organic Soybeans) in Ohio

Jim Motavalli

Honda sends 1.8 pounds of waste per car to landfills from its huge auto operations in Ohio. Its greening operations include river cleanups, zero-sludge paint operations and reusing just about everything.


why won't a car start when it's really hot outside
Jun 01, 2011

Why won't "Ophelia" the Accord start when it's hot?

Dear Car Talk

I drive an art car named Ophelia. She is a 91' Honda Accord with 250,000 miles on her. When I bought her, 11 years ago, the man I purchased her from said, "Oh and sometimes she won't start if it's hot out."...

summer fuel pumps Honda Accord Sdn

alarm system activated when jumpstarting the battery
Mar 01, 2010

How can Lisa convince her car that it's not being stolen?

Dear Car Talk

I am trying to jump-start my husband's 2008 Honda Accord. It's been sitting for a few months since he was deployed to Iraq, and I need to move the car ASAP before the street sweepers come. However, when I connect the...

anti-theft Honda Accord Sdn 2008

Aug 01, 2008

An idle solution to Neil's engine-racing problem.

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine has a 1997 Honda CR-V, which he bought used a few years ago. It is generally in good shape but has a problem that has become more and more alarming during the past year or so. Sometimes...

repairs Honda CR-V

Aug 01, 2008

Is the Honda Fit's gas tank under the front seat, a cause for concern?

Dear Car Talk

My wife wants to buy a Honda Fit, but now she is worried about the gas tank. It is located under the front seat rather than under the trunk. Is this dangerous? -- Prentiss...

safety gas tanks Honda Fit

Mar 01, 2008

So... what's with the hair coming out of Linda's muffler?

Dear Car Talk

Please help me. I have a 1996 Honda Accord that runs great -- no complaints. However, this morning, coming back to my car in a parking lot, I noticed some long hair or fur hanging out from my exhaust pipe. I...

mufflers Honda

Jun 01, 2007

How do the new Honda oil-change gauges work? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a Honda Fit. I love the car, and the dealer even gave me a few hundred dollars for my Metro. I really like the Fit and want to take care of it. The Fit has a feature...

oil maintenance Honda Fit

correction on whether you can hose down the interior of a honda element
Apr 01, 2005

Learning the hard way: Don't hose out your Honda Element.

Dear Car Talk

I recently heard you recommend a Honda Element to someone with a dog. One of you mentioned that the cargo compartment of the Element has a rubber floor and can be hosed out. This is absolutely not true!

cleaning Honda Element