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Oct 01, 1996

Just as GM improves their public image, there they go shooting themselves in the foot with lousy customer service.

Dear Car Talk

Do you remember the s GM's reputation for customer service and trust were low Well now we're in the s and GM seems to have made great strides in these areas The Mr Goodwrench commercials had finally convinced me to...

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Jan 01, 1996

GM should absolutely cover the cost of a new engine...but you'll need a lawyer.

Dear Car Talk

I bought a Chevrolet X pickup truck in December of In June of this year the engine lost its oil pressure and the engine was badly damaged The motor had only miles on it at the time but because of...

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Dec 01, 1995

A classic case of GMPSS: General Motors Power Steering Syndrome

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevy Cavalier When the temperature outside gets into the s or colder the power steering will feel like it's not working for about seconds After that time it seems to warm up and work normally This problem...

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Jan 01, 1995

Any chance that Chevy owes me a new paint job?

Dear Car Talk

I am the second owner of a C- Chevy full size pick up The color is blue About three years ago the paint just started to flake off I see other trucks around town that are the same color and...

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Nov 01, 1993

Yet another case of G.M.P.S.S: General Motors Power Steering Syndrome

Dear Car Talk

OK you two let's see you answer this one I have a Chevy Celebrity and my brother has a Buick Century We both seem to have the same problem with our power steering When we first start our cars on...

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Oct 01, 1993

Think you're immune from "General Motors Power Steering Syndrome" because you drive a Saab? Think again.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Saab with power steering that is hard to steer when it is first driven After driving five to ten miles it works normally There is no fluid loss I have taken it to two seperate shops One...

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Sep 01, 1993

We're placing our faith in GM's customer service.

Dear Car Talk

My wife has a problem with her Chevy Astro van Two months ago at miles she suddenly heard an unusual noise when she started the engine She turned the engine off and called me at work to come take a...


Apr 01, 1993

General Motors Power Steering Syndrome strikes again!

Dear Car Talk

The steering on my Cadillac Sedan DeVille front wheel drive sticks when turning right but not when turning left This only happens when the engine is cold After a few minutes everything is fine I've had it looked at by...

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Apr 01, 1993

GM customer service should foot the bill on this one.

Dear Car Talk

I am the owner of a Chevy Astro Van with a V liter engine I have a problem I have to add a gallon of antifreeze every four weeks or miles The dealer has pressure tested the system twice and...

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Mar 01, 1993

Why didn't we recommend the Chevy Lumina to Brenda? Safety concerns, that's why.

Dear Car Talk

My questions is WHAT HAPPENED As a loyal reader I was cruising your column looking for solutions to all my relatives' car problems In the question from Brenda who was looking for a new car I thought I knew which...

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