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Dec 10, 2013

Interview: GM's New CEO, Mary Barra

Jim Motavalli

Barra is the first woman not only to lead GM, but the first woman heading any of the Big Three. In fact, she's the first woman to head any global automaker. Car Talk's Jim Motavalli interviewed her, prior to the announcement. 


Jul 06, 2012

Nice Yacht, Buddy!

Staff Blog

$2.5M worth of car parts stolen -- a Car Talk investigative report!


Jan 23, 2012

Bob Lutz: The Green Car Guy Who Says Global Warming Is @#$%&*

Jim Motavalli

Despite being the father of the Chevy Volt and a pioneer of plug-in hybrid trucks, this book-writing industry veteran isn’t in it to save the planet from climate change.

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Jan 06, 2012

A Big Year for the Big Three

Jim Motavalli

It was a big sales’ recovery year for Detroit, but largely due to others' misfortunes. For 2012, automakers are hedging their bets on EVs, but oil price hikes would lead to big demand.

Chevrolet Chrysler GMC

Revenge of the Electric Car
Dec 07, 2011

The Compleat Guide to the Electric Car Movies of Chris Paine

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Who killed the electric car? Chris Paine's 2006 documentary of the same name made the case that General Motors had more than a little something to do with it.  In his latest film, The Revenge of the Electric Car, Paine depicts the most recent chapters in today's modern EV saga.

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May 03, 2011

The Big Three, Off Life Support and Profitable, Are Making Good Cars Again

Jim Motavalli

The Big Three are baaa-ck, after a long, agonizing skid. With Chrysler announcing Monday that it has finally turned a modest $116 million profit in the first quarter, all of America’s carmakers are back in the black. What a relief. I hate “The Big Two.”

Chrysler Ford GMC

facebook while driving
Sep 11, 2010

Social Networking Behind the Wheel

Guest Bloggers

A story in the Seattle Times on September 8th indicates that GM is working on updates to their OnStar system that would allow the driver to update their status on Facebook as well as listen to Facebook messages.

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why is my spare tire just a tiny bit smaller than my regular tires
Jan 01, 2003

Why would GM's spare wheels be an inch smaller than the regular wheels on the car?

Dear Car Talk

I have a question that is driving my husband and me crazy The wheels on our Chevy Tahoe Z are -inchers But the spare has a -inch wheel The sales people are scratching their heads as to why I e-mailed...

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Feb 01, 1999

Yet another victim of Chrysler/GM/Ford's delaminating paint problem.

Dear Car Talk

We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Several years ago the paint on the roof started to peel We have notified Chrysler about the problem and have tried to work through their system The bottom line we get from them is...

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Jan 01, 1997

Should I spend $726 to fix the ABS on my Buick when the car still brakes just fine?

Dear Car Talk

Before my husband passed away he purchased a new Buick LeSabre in for us We have taken good care of the car and have had it repaired and serviced when necessary Now it has almost miles on it and the...