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Has Aluminum Increased Ford F-150 Repair Costs?
Dec 27, 2018

Has Aluminum Increased Ford F-150 Repair Costs?

Dear Car Talk

The reasons behind the answer might surprise you.

body damage repairs Ford F-150 2015

Dashboard of Fiat
Nov 22, 2018

Can't Fix an Engine Using Thicker Oil

Dear Car Talk

So what's the best oil for high-mileage engines?

oil oil changes oil industry Ford F-150 1991

If You Need Basic Information about Your Car, Check the VIN
May 04, 2017

If You Need Basic Information about Your Car, Check the VIN

Dear Car Talk

Steven needs to know exactly which model Ford F150 he owns. The answer is right in front of him--and it's not necessarily a trim piece.

Ford F-150 2004

Ford considers hybrid Mustang
Jan 07, 2017

Ford to Build Mustang and F-150 Hybrids, Plus 300-Mile Electric Car

Jim Motavalli

Ford is making a big commitment to electrics, including electrifying its iconic sports cars and trucks. And, oh yes, it's cancelling that hated Mexican small car plant.

hybrids Ford F-150 Ford Mustang

Ford F150 review
Oct 19, 2016

A Pointy Headed New Yorker Reviews the Ford F-150

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

The Ford F-150 Limited Edition: Not ideal for commuting. But people like these things for a reason.

reviews Ford F-150 2016

why didn't replacing the oxygen sensor solve the check engine light problem
Jul 28, 2016

A Check Engine Light That Won't Give Up

Dear Car Talk

Craig's F-150 refuses to believe that its 02 sensor has been replaced. What gives?

check engine light emissions Ford F-150

Mar 12, 2015

Apple Pie by the Gross: The Ford F-150

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Kitman on the new Ford F-150? "...positively military war bird from some angles... belligerent as Dick Cheney after a three-martini lunch on a day when his moon is in the wrong house and Act Up demonstrators are noisily crashing his high-paid speaking event." More, here. 

reviews Ford F-150

Sep 24, 2014

An F-150 Near 30 MPG: Ford's Big New Winner?

Jim Motavalli

The current Ford F-150 is an ultra-popular gas guzzler. The fuel-efficient new model is a gamble. WIll it pay off?

Ford F-150 2015

2014 Detroit Auto Show highlights
Jan 16, 2014

2014 Detroit Auto Show: The Kitman Files

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Jamie Kitman looks past the glare of overwaxed surfaces at every turn, and gives us his take.

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