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MIG welding on a truck
May 05, 2015

Today: MIG Welding an Older Truck?

Dear Car Talk

Car Talk's advice for MIG welding: get the right eye protection, and try not to set your car, your house or your hair on fire. Read the rest, right here.

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automotive DIY
Mar 10, 2015

Vintage DIY Magazines Projects Were Sure-Fire Deathtraps

Craig Fitzgerald

DIY magazines like Popular Mechanics, Mechanix Illustrated and Modern Mechanics gave men from the 1920s through the 1950s ample ideas for exterminating the entire family.


How to replace a Subaru Outback CHMSL
Sep 04, 2014

Today: What's a CHMSL and How Do We Fix It?

Dear Car Talk

The upper light cover on the back hatch of Brenda's Subaru Outback needs to be changed, but Brenda can't figure out how. This is the only fixture not covered by the owner's manual. Learn what's special about this particular light, and what any of this has to do with acronyms right here. 

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Tools for mounting tires
Aug 12, 2014

Today: The Right Tool for Mounting Tires?

Dear Car Talk

David goes through a lot of tires, so he mounts them himself using a lug wrench. He's ready to upgrade to the right tools, if the right tools are $50 or less. Tom and Ray say $50 isn't going to get him what he needs. Find out what's involved in mounting a tire, right here. 

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Chevy pickup's carburetor spews gas
Jul 01, 2014

Hali's '68 Chevy and the Bad Carburetor

Dear Car Talk

The carburetor on Hali's '68 Chevy pickup truck is spewing gas, but she can't find a mechanic who can help. The oldest mechanic she knows advised her to tap it with a hammer (which fixed the gas leak) but is officially retired, so can't help her rebuild the carburetor herself as she had hoped. Read Tom and Ray's suggestions for Hali, right here. 


Homemade DIY hand cart
Jul 05, 2016

Homemade Handcart - Easy as a Day at the Beach

Tom Bodett

Tom Bodett employs Einstein's little known law to his advantage: For every stupid product design there is an equal and opposite homemade solution.


what should i do for an oil leak that is getting worse and worse
Oct 26, 2012

Today: Kylee's Not-So-Small Oil Leak

Dear Car Talk

Kylee used Mercury Sable came with a "small" oil leak. It's only getting worse and she's getting tired of filling it every couple weeks. Tom and Ray have plenty of sympathy for Kylee but don't hold out much hope for the Mercury. Find out why, right here.

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what parts do your recommend for a frankenstein best of all worlds car
Oct 31, 2012

What Would Dr. Frankenstein Drive?

Dear Car Talk

It's alive! Today Tom and Ray counsel Hunter who wants to build the perfect car using the best available parts from other cars. Sound familiar? Read their advice to this aspiring Mad Car Scientist, right here.


Tom Bodett's wood working shop
Jun 14, 2012

Life at the Workhouse

Tom Bodett

Tom Bodett on power tools, a guy's workshop -- and the fine line between work and play for the DIY'er.


Changing an air filter on a Subaru Outback
Sep 01, 2011

Should Pat change his own air filter, or is he out of his league?

Dear Car Talk

My mechanic asked for to replace the cabin air filter on my Subaru Outback Apparently this needs to be done every year I decided to do it myself but after searching online for the filter which is available for about...

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