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Mar 02, 2017

Just Because You Can Do Something, That Doesn't Mean You Should

Dear Car Talk

Bob wants to turn his 4WD S-10 Blazer into a 2WD to save gas. What's involved, and will it help?

4WD fuel economy Chevrolet S-10 Blazer 1999

how do i choose good aftermarket parts
Sep 22, 2016

Will Aftermarket Tuneup Parts Save Money or Create Problems?

Dear Car Talk

Can Robert use cheaper aftermarket parts for a tuneup or will his Monte Carlo pay the price?

spark plugs DIY Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2000

Jul 29, 2016

The World's Fastest Electric Car Is a Corvette

Jim Motavalli

Genovation took its plug-in 'Vette to the Space Shuttle launch runway in Florida--and set six world records (beating its own bar). How does 205.6 mph sound? 

electric vehicles Chevrolet Corvette

Should parts be replaced before they fail
Sep 01, 2015

Should Lee Replace Parts Before Long Trip?

Dear Car Talk

Lee's taking a cross-country road trip in a fifteen year old car. Does Car Talk recommend any preventative maintenance before the trip? Find out here.

maintenance road trips Chevrolet Corvette 2000

Jun 16, 2015

Student Teams Build Green Camaros for Fun--and Good Jobs

Jim Motavalli

It's long nights of hard work, but the pot of gold at the end of the three-year EcoCAR competition is a lucrative career.

alternative vehicles Chevrolet Camaro

1969 Chevy Camaro
May 16, 2015

Chevy's Releasing a New Camaro Today: Here's a Look through the Years

Craig Fitzgerald

At least since about 1978, the Chevrolet Camaro has been the car of choice for guys with a mullet, a handlebar mustache, and a pack of Kools rolled up in the sleeve of their Molly Hatchet T-shirt. On the day Chevy launches the all-new sixth-generation 2016 Camaro, here's a look at the cars throughout history.

history Chevrolet Camaro

Chevy Caprice Classic wipers don't work on high
May 07, 2015

What's Wrong With the Wipers?

Dear Car Talk

The wipers on Brad's '96 Caprice Classic work fine on low and intermittent, but when he turns them up to high, they freeze up. What's Car Talk's diagnosis?

wipers Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Mar 23, 2015

Big Daddy (and Mommy) Are Watching: The 2016 Malibu Offers Built-In Teen Safety

Jim Motavalli

Debuting at the New York Auto Show, the new Chevrolet Malibu turns off the radio if young drivers don't buckle up, keeps stats on on-road behavior, and all but slaps the cuffs on, for speeding.

teens Chevrolet Malibu 2016

Mt Washington snow coach
Feb 18, 2015

VIDEO: We Climb Mount Washington in the Snow (in a nice, warm van)!

Craig Fitzgerald

Contributor Craig Fitzgerald examines the SnowCoach at New Hampshire's Mount Washington, a one-ton Chevy 15-passenger van equipped with four-wheel drive and snowmobile tracks.

winter 4WD vans Chevrolet

Chevrolet Bolt concept car
Jan 13, 2015

The Chevy Bolt

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

One of the unexpected stars of Detroit's show is the Chevy Bolt concept. More about this car, from Jamie Lincoln Kitman, right here.

Detroit Auto Show concept vehicles electric vehicles Chevrolet