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New Honda Whistles a Different Kind of Tune
Nov 19, 2019

New Honda Whistles a Different Kind of Tune

Dear Car Talk

This is not the time to be a good listener.

air conditioning noises Honda CR-V 2017

The Big Bang Theory Applied to a CR-V
Jan 02, 2018

The Big Bang Theory Applied to a CR-V

Dear Car Talk

The lound banging noise beneath this Honda points to a transmission issue.

Honda CR-V 2000

Honda CR-V Touring
Dec 26, 2017

Honda Turbo Owner Told to Cool Her Jets

Dear Car Talk

The moral of this story: Salesmen don't always know squat about cars.

turbo oil Honda CR-V 2017

2015 Honda CR-V vibration problems and complaints
May 31, 2016

Car Talk's Turd of the Week: The 2015 Honda CR-V

Car Talk Car Complaints

This week's Turd of the Week is a mover and a shaker. But not in a good way.

Honda CR-V 2015

CR-V stalls while driving
May 06, 2014

Today: What's Causing Ahmad's CR-V to Stall?

Dear Car Talk

Ahmad's 1998 CR-V is melting catalytic converters and stalling every 25 miles or so. Aside from that, he insists "the car runs great." His shop has already tried almost everything and the dealership is stumped too. Tom and Ray point out that no one has tried accupuncture yet. Will they be able to come up with any real advice for Ahmad? Find out here. 

valves Honda CR-V

Aug 01, 2008

An idle solution to Neil's engine-racing problem.

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine has a 1997 Honda CR-V, which he bought used a few years ago. It is generally in good shape but has a problem that has become more and more alarming during the past year or so. Sometimes...

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guidance on oil filter replacement for the honda cr-v
Feb 01, 2005

Update: What's being done in response to fire danger reported in 2003-05 Honda CR-Vs?

Dear Car Talk

I read your recent column about Honda's actions regarding fires in - CR-Vs Editor's note Fires were being reported immediately following oil changes due to oil from an incorrectly installed oil filter dripping on the hot exhaust Honda blames improper...

recalls repairs Honda CR-V 2003 2004 2005

should i worry about my cr-v catching fire even though my dealership did not alert me about the problem
Nov 01, 2004

2003-04 Honda CR-Vs are at risk of catching fire during an oil change...if your mechanic is sloppy.

Dear Car Talk

I was pretty freaked out recently to learn that more than -' Honda CR-Vs had caught fire after their first oil change I own a I called my dealership and the service manager gave me a story about fly-by-night oil-change...

safety oil Honda CR-V 2003 2004

Jun 01, 2001

Why does my Honda CR-V have an off-center steering wheel?

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a new Honda CR-V As I drove away from the dealership I discovered that the steering wheel is canted slightly to the left so that the left side of the wheel is farther away from me than...

steering Honda CR-V

Oct 01, 1998

Which small SUV would you recommend for someone who won't be going off-road?

Dear Car Talk

I'm finally going to buy my first new vehicle I'd like it to last for many years Since I don't know anything about car repair either I'd like a vehicle that's reliable and won't be in the shop a lot...

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