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May 11, 2017

Alignment Check Can Confirm If There Is a Control Arm Mix-Up

Dear Car Talk

Laura rebuilt the front end of her Taurus, but has a nagging suspiciion that some parts were mixed up. How can she tell for sure?

alignment Ford Taurus 1993

Mar 01, 1993

Why didn't we recommend the Chevy Lumina to Brenda? Safety concerns, that's why.

Dear Car Talk

My questions is WHAT HAPPENED As a loyal reader I was cruising your column looking for solutions to all my relatives' car problems In the question from Brenda who was looking for a new car I thought I knew which...

safety features airbags Chevrolet Lumina GMC 1993

Jan 01, 1993

Click and Clack are asked their opinion about Saturns.

Dear Car Talk

With you dear fellows being my worshipped and adored purveyors of truth in the automotive industry and all I desperately need your help I read your column religiously but I have no recollection of seeing anything about the line of...

reviews Saturn 1993