Hyundai Mysteriously Missing Oil

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 22, 2019

2014 Tucson has serious oil loss issue.

oil oil changes warranties Hyundai Tucson 2014

Man works on car engine
Jan 17, 2019

YouTube Is a Good Place to Start for Car-Repair Help

Dear Car Talk

But you'll need some spare time and sandwiches.

steering alignment DIY Buick Regal 2003

Bantam Jeep prototype, 1940
Jan 17, 2019

How We Got Here: A History of SUV Mania

Jim Motavalli

Consumers drove the all-wheel drive craze, not crafty auto marketeers. The 1984 Jeep Cherokee just took off. Who knew? It's illogical, so it couldn't have been predicted.

SUVs history

Jan 16, 2019

'Genius' Mechanic Pinpoints Source of Thunking Sound

Dear Car Talk

Thwack, clunk, and bonk would point to another culprit.

noises mechanics Toyota Solara

1958 Chevrolet
Jan 11, 2019

"Is That Real Wood?"

Dear Car Talk

When was a Woodie wagon made of real wood?


Radar detector on windshield
Jan 08, 2019

A Rant Against Radar Detectors

Jim Motavalli

They're expensive, stupid, and they don't even really work anymore. Here's an idea: just slow down.

law enforcement rants

Pile of U.S. currency
Jan 03, 2019

Heat Shield Shouldn't Cost an Arm and a Leg

Dear Car Talk

But they're pretty important. Here's why.

heat shields Honda Accord Sdn 2003

Has Aluminum Increased Ford F-150 Repair Costs?
Dec 27, 2018

Has Aluminum Increased Ford F-150 Repair Costs?

Dear Car Talk

The reasons behind the answer might surprise you.

body damage repairs Ford F-150 2015