A Story of a Moron and His New Blue Lights

Tim Cotton

Tim Cotton | Oct 20, 2017

"No, I did not misuse the blue lights in order to take a parking space. At least not intentionally." 

law enforcement

Choosing between a Transmission Flush or Fluid Change
Sep 21, 2017

Choosing between a Transmission Flush or Fluid Change

Dear Car Talk

When it comes to transmission fluid, flushing beats changing.

transmissions fluids Jeep Cherokee 2000

Cars wrapped in plastic for hurricane protection
Sep 15, 2017

Deal(er) With It...

J.C. Howard

Florida residents scrambled to find cover for their cars, and found themselves at odds with car dealers.

Pickup truck driving through rain
Sep 12, 2017

Car Carnage: Harvey, Irma, and the Pitfalls for Auto Owners

Jim Motavalli

Katrina destroyed 600,000 cars, Harvey may take out 500,000, and the Irma toll is yet unknown. Here's how to avoid buying one of those clunkers.

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Stop-Start Feature Is New and Aggravating -- but Worthwhile
Sep 12, 2017

Stop-Start Feature Is New and Aggravating -- but Worthwhile

Dear Car Talk

Bill wants to stop the stop-start feature on his 2017 Cherokee before it wears out the starter and his patience. Is there an upside to this feature?

starters Jeep Cherokee 2017

Sep 08, 2017

Reviving the Rust Belt: Detroit Comes Back, With Self-Driving Cars

Jim Motavalli

Autonomous vehicle technology is front and center in Detroit and the Motor City is learning some new tricks.

self-driving auto industry

Switch or Bulbs to Blame for Low-Beam Outages
Sep 07, 2017

Switch or Bulbs to Blame for Low-Beam Outages?

Dear Car Talk

Ken's second Solara is just as fussy as his first with its failing HID headlights. What should his mechanic check first?

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Should This Owner Say to Heck with This Tahoe?
Sep 05, 2017

Should This Owner Say "To Heck with This Tahoe"?

Dear Car Talk

The alarming noises this Tahoe makes while driving in snow may have a simple explanation.

ABS winter

Amish buggy traveling on road
Sep 01, 2017

The Amish Don't Drive RVs. But That Doesn't Mean They Won't Build Them.

Jim Motavalli

The Amish don't drive, but these hard-working Hoosiers are doing quite well making recreational vehicles for "the English."


Cars driving through flood water
Aug 31, 2017

Is a Flooded Car Totalled?

Staff Blog

Is a flooded car necessarily junk? What to watch out for, right here.