Deal(er) With It...

J.C. Howard

J.C. Howard | Sep 15, 2017

To what lengths would you go to protect your car? In the face of Hurricane Irma this past weekend one Floridian shared, via Snapchat, that his wife jokingly agreed to let him park his ’87 Datsun 300ZX hobby car in the living room IF he could get it through their sliding glass doors. The joke—as it happens—was on her as the car lay safely indoors.

Mai-Lee Acea jokingly offers her husbands car respite from the storm. Tomas Acea accepts the challenge.

Elsewhere in the Sunshine State, reports of three separate car dealerships earned whatever the opposite of good will is with Florida residents. First, the CityPlace shopping center in Downtown West Palm Beach opened up its five garages to residents looking for refuge for their vehicles. The only problem: once residents began showing up, they found 400 vehicles from Napleton Hyundai’s inventory occupying space.

Up north in the panhandle, students at Florida State and Tallahassee locals were angered after the University also offered free shelter, but Napleton Infiniti took them up on the offer instead. Student Tevin Wooten even tweeted, “Hey @floridastate, I pay tuition here. If my car sustains damage, do I get a new infiniti (sic)?”

But a dealer in Hollywood, Florida paid a nominal price when more than half of the 47 vehicles they parked in a municipal garage opened to residents were cited and some, even booted. Autoline LLC will have to show in court or pay a $500 fine on 24 of their vehicles left in the City’s garage; the fine is for using a public ways for a private business. Though the dealers may have protected their inventory, their reputation in the community is totaled.

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