Brilliant or Bogus? Car Inventions from SEMA

Guest Bloggers

Guest Bloggers | Nov 06, 2015

By Jim Travers & Car Talk Staff

Car Talk is at the SEMA show this week. SEMA claims to draw "the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place," but we thought we'd let you be the judge of that.

Tell us what you think of these products, spotted on the show floor.

First up, Flat-Jack. Designed for car collectors, Flat-jack gives tires a cushion of air to prevent flat spots in long-term storage. $420-$600.

These look pretty comfortable. How about a stadium version to protect your tuchus from developing flat spots during long baseball games? (Jim Travers)

This little number is called Between the Seats, and is designed to catch all those French fries and bon bons you've been dropping for years. $10 for two.

Now you won't have to dig around when you're hungry for a slightly stale snack! (Jim Travers)

Heated windshield wipers won't spare you from scraping, but could at least keep ice buildup off themselves. Does that make them worth $150 a pair to you? From Thermalblade.

This could save you minutes a year! (Jim Travers)

Just add water, go away for 24 hours, and Auto Shocker is guaranteed to make even the stinkiest interior habitable again. After one more day of SEMA, I may need to strap one to my head. $24.95.

If you've let your car get to the point wher bio-shocking is the only option, you may have other problems... (Jim Travers)

Here's one that we, and pretty much everybody at SEMA, wish we'd thought of ourselves. Hozeez is so clever, it almost makes us feel like washing the car. Almost. $19.95 a pair.

"There's a great future in plastics. Think about it." (Jim Travers)

It could be argued that without twist ties, life itself would be impossible. Gear Tie is a reusable one, two for around five bucks.

These are nice, but you can get a free twist tie on any bread bag. (Jim Travers)

Who doesn't need a pink and camo ice scraper mitt?

Perfect for blending in... yeah nevermind. (Jim Travers)

Finally, Tireless, a way to fill in those boring grooves in your tires with a splash of color. $20, and at least it's easy to stay within the lines for the coloring book challenged.

Think these inventors have ever heard of "mud season"? (Jim Travers)

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