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Dear Car Talk

Twice a week, Car Talk answers your questions in their nationally syndicated newspaper column. Carried by over 300 papers around the country, this award-winning column is available online only via the Car Talk web site. More

Jim Motavalli

A regular contributor to the New York Times, Jim's focus is the green car revolution, though he loves offbeat auto stories, too! More

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Jamie is New York Bureau Chief for Automobile Magazine, auto editor for GQ. He's won a National Magazine Award for commentary. More

J.C. Howard

J.C.—a writer, radio producer, and drinking water snob—knows a little about a lot of things. This is the little he knows about cars. More

Philip Ruth

Philip Ruth is an automotive photojournalist and consultant who really should stop rescuing so many neglected cars on Craigslist. More

Tom Bodett

Prolific writer, Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me! panelist, and former All Things Considered Alaska commentator, and last (and certainly least), Car Talk blogger. More

Kieran Lindsey

Kieran Lindsey is our Automotive-Wildlife Guru, editor of the Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation, co-author of Urban Wildlife Management, and a licensed driver! More


Veterinarian Sip Siperstein and professional trainer Melissa McCue-McGrath take your questions on all things animal and automotive. More

Staff Blog

So, just what does go on at Car Talk Plaza? Our staff blog takes you past the angry hordes outside our door, and into our greasy, inner sanctum. More

Tim Cotton

Warmth and snark go hand in hand as Tim Cotton tells stories about people who drive and the motor vehicles that make it possible. More