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A street scene on a rainy night with car on road, reflections and bokeh effect

Canada Makes Moves to Stop 'Phantom Vehicles'

I had a scary experience last night. I borrowed my friend's car for an errand, got in the car and drove away.

The cat sits infront of a car wheel

No Clear Connection Between Soy-Coated Wiring and Rodents

Our daughter recently bought a used Toyota Highlander. Not one week after she took it home, the engine light came on.

Close up image of a wheel in snow

When Should You Replace Your Brakes? It Depends on Usage

I have a 2014 Nissan Altima with 74,000 miles that I bought new. The miles are 90% highway miles on cruise control. I don't drive in rush-hour type tr ...

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EV Drivers Can Be Smug But Not Carefree

I want to know if I'm justified in feeling smug. I have a hybrid that has a full electric vehicle mode.

Bumper from 4x4 SUV with mountain and sunset in the background

Simple Test Checks for Misfiring Spark Plug

I bought a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser last year. A "code PO306" for "cylinder six misfire" was found by the local Toyota dealer.

Selective focus of fueling nozzle on gas station and couple standing near auto outdoors

Ford F-250 Owner is Fed Up with Fill-Up Issues

I have an issue with my 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty that's causing me to lose my sanity. When I am getting gas, the gas does not flow down the filler ...

White Swiss shepherd dog looking out of car window

Vehicle Options for Aging Canine Companions

My 13-year-old, 75-lb. rescue golden retriever can't get in my 2005 GMC Yukon anymore. Unfortunately, she won't use either the steps or the ramp I got ...

Two kids sitting at the back of the car

Look Beyond Quick Fixes for Glitchy Safety Technology

What causes my wife's low-mileage 2013 Honda Civic SI's airbag warning light to come on occasionally? For the past several months, the light has been ...

Car crash

When It Comes to Air Bags, More is Not Always Merrier

What's the purpose of knee airbags? I was in an accident that resulted in the knee airbag doing major damage to my left leg.

Grandma with a sun hat and sunglasses driving a car

Hard-to-Steer Buick May Require More Than Strong Arms

I bought a new Buick Rendezvous in 2004. It has 226,400 miles on it now. It has been well maintained and driven by me, now a 77-year-old lady.

Car in a matte black finish

New Matte Finishes are Eye-Catching But a Lot of Work

I've noticed a new paint on late model cars and trucks. It's not the color, but the texture or overall effect that stands out.

Traffic view in a highway

Don't Expect Real-World Results to Match Mileage on the Sticker

My new 2020 Chevy Malibu promised on Chevy's website -- and on its MSRP sticker -- to get 29 miles per gallon in the city. It doesn't.

Gas pump nozzle

Fuel Injectors on Modern Cars May be Targeted for A.D.P.s

I have a 2019 Subaru Ascent that I like very much. It has slightly less than 22,000 miles.

Happy Chinese couple

Cash In on Trade-In Value and Enjoy the Newest Safety Features

I own a 2011 Lexus ES350 with 150,000 miles. The car has been dealer maintained from day one and has never given me a problem.

Man and woman inside the car wearing a medical face mask

Adapting Your Car's Air Circulation in the Age of COVID-19

I'm retired but had been driving with Uber for the past couple of years. I haven't driven since COVID-19 started but plan to resume.

Couple with new car

Safety Features Abound on the Suburu Outback

I talked to you and your brother years ago on your radio show and ended up taking your advice and selling my ancient VW Squareback for a slightly used ...

Shadow of a moving car

When to Know the Right Time to Replace Your Timing Belt

My daughter was given a 1995 Toyota Corolla by a family friend, who inherited it from a late relative. The car has 65,000 miles.

White Toyota Prius on autumn road in rainy day

Towing With a Prius is Possible, But at Your Own Risk

I have a 2013 Toyota Prius V hybrid with 68,000 miles that I love. It has been trouble-free. It has hauled me, my dog and all our gear on many fun vac ...

Close up image of a car exhaust pipe

Jeep's Big Bang Issue is Exhausting All Options

I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 6-cylinder engine and 4-wheel-drive. I never had any problems with it until recently.

Woman in the middle of a snowy road with a broken car

Jump Starts Can Be More Complicated with Newer Cars

We live in Minnesota and have two 2009 cars, which we park on the street. Last winter, the battery failed on one of our cars when the temperature had ...

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