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How to Obtain a Free Driving Record

Knowing what’s on your driving record is important for many reasons. Read on for information about getting a copy and how to correct it, if needed.

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Best Car Shipping Companies of 2021

We reviewed the top car shipping companies of 2021 to help you choose an affordable and safe option. We’ll explain how much car transport costs and ho ...

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How to Get a Texas Driving Record

Car Talk explains the easiest way to check your driving record in Texas, how to submit corrections and when to get this information.

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How to Get a Florida Driving Record

Car Talk explains the easiest way to check your driving record in Florida, how to submit corrections and when to get this information.

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Nexus Auto Transport: Reviews, Cost and Pricing 2021

Shopping for car shipping companies can be confusing. Car Talk takes a look at one of the newest players in the business, Nexus Auto Transport.

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Easy Auto Ship: Car Shipping Reviews, Cost and Pricing 2021

Shipping your car can be a stressful task. Take a look at our review of one of the most popular companies in the auto transport business, Easy Auto Sh ...

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How To Ship a Car to Another State

When you’re moving to another state, you may have to ship your car. Car Talk breaks down this process and gives you the best options for your auto tra ...

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Best Performance Tires for 2021

We’ve selected the best performance tires on the market. Read on for our top pics and recommendations for speed, grip and traction.

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Costco Tire Center Review and Pricing

Car Talk takes an in-depth look at Costco Tire Center, their process and pricings.

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Endurance Warranty Reviews, Cost and Pricing 2021

Endurance Extended Warranty is one of the most popular and trusted warranty companies in the business. Read on for extensive reviews and prices.

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How Do I Ship My Car Across the Country?

Need to ship a car across the country? Cross country car transport can be stressful. We’ll show you how to ship a car in the US.

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Best SUV Warranty

If you are an SUV owner, it’s important to know which manufacturers offer the best coverage and what’s actually included in the various warranty plans ...

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Can You Buy a USAA Extended Warranty?

Does USAA offer extended warranties for their members? This is a good question and something we will answer for you.

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CARCHEX VS Endurance

CARCHEX and Endurance both have good reviews and ratings. Read our comparative research and make a good decision about the best warranty for your car.

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CarShield vs. Endurance

There are many options when searching for the Best Extended Warranty Providers. We compare Carshield and Endurance to help you make the best choice fo ...

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Best Extended Warranty Providers for Cars Over 100K Miles

When your car has hit 100k miles, a high mileage warranty can save you money. Let’s look at the best warranty options for your car.

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What Voids Your Car's Warranty?

There are many factors that affect your car's manufacturer warranty. Learn more about the top issues that void your warranty, and what to do about the ...

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Top 5 Things To Know About Extended Car Warranties

Read on for the top 5 things you need to know before getting an extended car warranty.

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Best All Season Tires for 2021

When it’s time to replace the tires on your car, you have a chance to buy even better tires than the ones that came with the vehicle. Here are the bes ...

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Best Tires for Ford F-150

Find the best tires for your Ford F-150. Review tire options in all price ranges and trim levels.

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Chris Teague
Chris has a lifetime of love for all things automotive and grew up hauling parts in his uncle’s transmission shop. He focuses on teasing out the facts and stories for readers on topics ranging from cars and trucks to technology and finance.
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