As Read on Car Talk

As Read on Car Talk

Man, do we get some wacko mail!

Collected right here is all the fine correspondence that Tom or Ray has read on the air on Car Talk. If you heard it on the show, you'll find it here.

December 9 Pre-Recorded Snorts (EDIT)
December 2 Thank God for Satan! (EDIT)
November 18 From the "Hope Springs Eternal" Files: A Joke (EDIT)
November 11 The Exercise Diary (EDIT)
November 2 The Car Talk Puzzler Got Me a Job! (EDIT)
October 21 Is This News Fit to Print? (EDIT)
October 14 From the Department of Ethics: The Used Car Salesman (EDIT)
October 14 Tommy's New Theory of Learning (EDIT)
October 7 Rejected International Sports Team Names (EDIT)
October 7 The Pilot And The Service Dog (EDIT)
September 16 How I Met My Wife (EDIT)
September 16 Positive? Negative! (EDIT)
September 16 English Creative Writing Battle (EDIT)
September 9 Automotive Marketing? (EDIT)
September 9 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator (EDIT)
September 9 Excuse We Wish We Had Tried (EDIT)
September 9 Tommy's Little Brain Test (EDIT)
September 2 Magliozzi's Ignoramus Principle (EDIT)
September 2 To Women Everywhere (EDIT)
September 2 Words To Live By (EDIT)
August 26 British Officer Reports (EDIT)
August 26 Quotes From Women (EDIT)
August 19 The Horrible Truth About Duct Tape (EDIT)
August 11 The Sequoia's Revenge (EDIT)
August 11 How Do You Make a Baby Cry? (EDIT)
August 5 If You Usually Do Nothing, How Do You Know When You're On Vacation? (EDIT)
July 29 Steven Wright Jokes (EDIT)
July 29 It's Good to Be a Woman (EDIT)
July 29 Thanks For The Hemorrhoids (EDIT)
July 15 Thoughts to Ponder, or Ponderous Thoughts? (EDIT)
July 15 Men, Self-Deprecate Thyself! (EDIT)
June 17 Warning Labels (EDIT)
June 4 Personal Ads, Translated! (EDIT)
May 27 De-Clarified Proverbs (EDIT)
May 20 A Little Knowledge Can Be a Dangerous Thing (EDIT)
May 20 Dilbert's Salary Theorem (EDIT)
May 6 Handy English System Conversion Units (EDIT)
April 27 AAADD: The Warning Signs (EDIT)
April 22 The Worst Opening Line in Literature? (EDIT)
April 8 Senior Personal Ads (EDIT)
April 1 Bugsy's Camp Letters (EDIT)
March 24 Things I Learned From My Kids (EDIT)
March 11 Car Talk Hatemail Division (EDIT)
March 3 Great Imponderables (EDIT)
February 26 Enhanced Customer Relations? (EDIT)
February 12 Highly Useful Latin Phrases (EDIT)
January 19 Best and Worst Comments Taken from the MIT Course Evaluation Guide (EDIT)
January 14 Learn More Better English (EDIT)
January 8 The Worst Analogies in High School Essays (EDIT)

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